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Declaration of Headgear

The Stewards of the Governing Bodies have approved a change to the relevant rules which will facilitate the more accurate declaration of headgear.  At present the only options available to trainers when declaring headgear is to declare blinkers (which covers blinkers, visors, hoods, pacifiers and eye-shields) or sheepskin cheekpieces.  When the new rules become operational, trainers will be required to declare the exact type of headgear or combinations of headgear that will be used.

Commenting on the change Denis Egan, Chief Executive of the Turf Club said “in making the change the Stewards felt that it was important that everyone is aware of the exact type of headgear that is being used and the new rules will provide this clarity”.

Editor’s Note:
Horse Racing Ireland has been asked to carry out the necessary programming to facilitate the change.  The new rules will be introduced as soon as this work is completed.

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