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INHS Committee Announces Changes for Point to Point Season

The Stewards of the I.N.H.S. Committee today 8th August announced that it will introduce changes in certain areas for the 2012/13 Point to Point season.

The main changes are as follows;-

1. 2 ½ mile distance of races confined to four year olds

The dates in which races can be programmed over 2 ½ miles for four year olds during the spring season has been amended from 1st February to 1st March (previously 30th April). Hunts can still run races over 3 miles during this period, however, after 1st March, all four year old races will be programmed over 3 miles.

2. Weights in mares only maiden races

Weights in all maiden races confined to mares only will be reduced to 11st 7lb - from 12st.

3. Mares allowance

The mares allowance of 5lb introduced last season is still under review and will remain in place this season. The Stewards will consider the merits of increasing the allowance to 7lb in future.

4.  Programmes

Hunts will be requested to nominate five races while submitting their programmes of races for fixtures to allow for greater flexibility to present balanced opportunities in the overall race programme. Races confined to 4-y-o followed by races confined to 5-y-o mares, particularly during the spring period, will be run first on the card.

5. Inspections of venues

Venues that stage multiple fixtures or other events at the same venue will be required to undergo an early pre-inspection by the Course Inspectorate in advance of subsequent scheduled fixtures to ensure that the racing surface is adequately presented at the inspection stage.

6. The use of the whip

The recent changes to the whip regulations on the racecourse, including the types of whips to be used, will be introduced to Point to Points this season. Riders are requested to familiarise themselves with the revised changes which will be enforced by Officials and Stewards on the day.

In announcing the changes William Flood, Senior Steward of the I.N.H.S. Committee said:-

“The Stewards met with the various representative bodies involved in point to points over recent weeks. Numerous recommendations in relation to improve standards were considered and adopted where appropriate. On behalf of the I.N.H.S. Committee I would like to thank the Point to Point Committee, Handlers, Riders, Representatives of the Point to Point Associations, Horse Racing Ireland, Receivers of Entries and Officials for their input.”

The new point to point season starts at Mid Antrim on 29th September 2012.

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