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The purpose of the IHRB is to safeguard the reputation of Irish horseracing through robust and transparent regulatory practices, implemented by a focused and professional team.

Although not a statutory body, the IHRB abides by the underlying principles of good governance – accountability, transparency, probity and a focus on the sustainable success of the organisation over the longer term – and aligns to the requirements of a Non-Commercial State Body as set out in the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies.

The IHRB is governed by a board of eight directors, three each nominated by the Turf Club and the INHSC, who serve without remuneration, and two highly skilled independent directors who were appointed to enhance Board diversity and independence following an extensive recruitment process in 2022.

The IHRB Board gender ratio is now 5:3 male to female. In addition, the IHRB has appointed an independent chairperson to its Audit and Risk Committee and that committee is overseeing an extensive ongoing programme of internal audit on behalf of the Board.



The key functions of the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board are:-

  • To be solely and independently responsible for making and enforcing the Rules of Racing
  • To provide integrity services for horse racing.
  • To ensure the provision of on course integrity services by employing monitoring and controlling the activities of horseracing officials.
  • To licence all participants in horseracing in Ireland.
  • To make all decisions relating to doping control, forensic testing and handicapping in respect of horseracing.
  • To be responsible for the representation of Irish horseracing internationally in respect of its functions.
  • To provide governance and to enforce the Irish National Hunt Steeplechase Regulations for point-to-point steeplechase.

The Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board is the internationally recognised horseracing authority for Ireland in respect to its functions.

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