Protecting the Integrity & Reputation of Irish Horseracing

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Mission Statement

Our Vision

Excellence in all that we do as the regulatory body for Irish Horse Racing.

Our Mission

Ensuring the reputation of Irish Horse Racing and confidence in the sport is protected by robust and
transparent regulatory practices, implemented with integrity, by a professional and progressive team.

Our Values

Integrity: We will always act with integrity as a transparent and independent regulator.

Leadership: We will set and uphold standards for our industry, through a progressive approach, in consultation with our employees and key stakeholders.

Accountability: We will be accountable and take responsibility for our decisions and actions.

Fairness: We will regulate in a consistent, independent and proportionate manner.

Effectiveness: We will develop evidence-based policies, which are enforced to deliver effective regulation.

Our Culture

The IHRB recognises and values the expertise, passion and experience of its employees and stewards. We promote a team led approach where diversity is respected, and opinions are encouraged. We are forward thinking and proactive in addressing the evolving needs of the sport while respecting the strong heritage of Irish racing and its people.

Strategic Objectives

Integrity of Regulatory Practices: To ensure robust and transparent regulatory practices are in place to give stakeholders and those who follow the sport confidence that horse racing is being run in a fair and proper manner.

Employee Engagement and Stewards Support: To engage with our employees and stewards to ensure they are fully supported, trained and developed to enable them to carry out their duties to the highest standard for the benefit of the Industry.

IT Systems and Processes: To provide modern IT systems and processes throughout the IHRB to enable operational excellence ensuring maximum efficiency, transparency and accountability in a secure and compliant environment.

Licensing: To have a clear, robust licensing process to meet the evolving needs of the Irish racing industry.

Equine Anti-Doping and Medication Control: To deliver effective equine anti-doping and medication control to protect the sport’s participants, ensuring a level playing field and so instil international confidence in the Irish horse ‘brand’.

Point-to-Point Regulation: To regulate Point-to-Points effectively, continuously adapting and developing the sport, liaising effectively with Hunts to prioritise safety, whilst maintaining Point-to-Point traditions and ethos.

Health, Safety and Care of Our Sports Participants; Rider and Horse: To promote and deliver the highest standards of health and safety to ensure the care of both rider and horse.


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