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Provision of telephone & bank records by licensees

Turf Club reach agreement with Trainers and Jockeys Associations
on procedure for provision of telephone and bank records

The Turf Club has announced that it has reached agreement with both the Trainers and Jockeys Associations on procedures for the provision of telephone and bank records, in the event of such records being necessary as part of an investigation into betting malpractice.

A request for the furnishing of such records may only be made where the making of the request has been deemed reasonable by an adjudicating officer.  In the event that the records are not furnished following the adjudicating officer’s decision, the Turf Club may apply to the Courts to compel the person to provide the records required.

The relevant rule changes will be published in the Racing Calendar.

Commenting on the agreement, Turf Club Senior Steward, Roderick Ryan, said that he was pleased that this matter has now been resolved to everyone’s satisfaction and he also thanked Noel Meade, Jim Kavanagh of the Irish Racehorse Trainers Association and Andrew Coonan of the Irish Jockeys Association for their help in resolving the matter.

Editors Note:
The adjudicating officer will be a barrister or solicitor who has practiced for a minimum of 10 years and who shall not have been a member of either the Turf Club or Irish National Steeplechase Committee, nor served as an official of either of them.

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