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What is Point to Pointing?

What is Point to Pointing?

Point to Point racing which is run by the INHSC has often been described as the lifeblood of the racing industry in Ireland, with good reason.

For many people it is their first introduction to racing – either as participants or as spectators.

A large number of today’s riders, owners, trainers and officials all received their first taste of racing in Point to Points. Equally a large number of those who support racing as spectators – particular at National Hunt meetings – saw their first ever race at a Point to Point meeting.

But that is only part of the story, for Point to Points are vital for the breeding and training aspects of the sport.

Many horses that start their racing life at Point to Points graduate to the highest echelons of National Hunt racing both in Ireland and the UK. Almost all of the great NH races have been won by former Point to Point winners.

Point to Point horses are also important in terms of the continuing worldwide reputation of Irish horses. Many are today exported worldwide.

But above all Point to Point racing continues to be a sport, bringing together the many people who are happy to still see racing as a sport rather than a business.

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