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Ms. J.M. Mangan (Qualified Rider) Referral, Tipperary 7 August 2015

The Referrals Committee Sean Barry (in the chair), Philip Caffrey and N.B. Wachman met at the Turf Club, The Curragh, Co. Kildare on Wednesday 19th August 2015 to consider the referral of Ms. J.M. Mangan (qualified rider) by Denis Egan, Chief Executive of the Turf Club, following the running of the Toomey’s Applegreen Station (Ladies) Handicap at Tipperary on 7th August 2015. On that day the Stewards had wished to interview Ms. Mangan, rider of Ri An Domhnaigh, concerning her use of the whip in the latter stages of the race under Regulation 10 3(e).  However the rider was unavailable to attend the enquiry having become involved in schooling a horse after racing contrary to Rule 229(v).

Evidence was heard from Ms. J.M. Mangan.  Film of the race was also viewed.

In her evidence Ms. Mangan accepted that Hugh Hynes, stipendiary steward, had gone looking for her after the race.  She said she had left the weigh room area having being asked to ride work after racing.  She said she believed that sufficient time had passed after the “winner all right” was announced for her to leave the weigh room area and that she was not required by the Stewards. 

With regard to her use of the whip, Ms. Mangan accepted that she was in breach of Regulation 10 3(e) as she had inadvertently hit the horse on two occasions other than down the shoulder or on the hind quarters.  She attributed the first hit to a change of whip motion which she said had to be taken due to the proximity of another horse in the race.  She said there was no excuse for the second hit.

Having considered the evidence the Referrals Committee found Ms. Mangan to be in breach of Regulation 10 3(e) and cautioned her with regard to her whip use.  They also found her guilty of a breach of Rule 229(v) as she was unavailable to attend the enquiry on the day.  She was also cautioned in respect of this rule breach. 

The case was presented by Denis Egan, Chief Executive of the Turf Club.

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