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David Wachman, Trainer / W.J. Lee, Rider Referrals - Galway, 1 August 2015

The Referrals Committee, Sean Barry, (in the chair), Mrs. J.O. Onions and Justice Tony Hunt met at the Stewards Room, Curragh Racecourse, Co. Kildare on Sunday 23rd August 2015 to consider the referrals of both David Wachman, trainer, and W.J. Lee, rider, by the Stewards at Galway on 1st August 2015 following the running of the “This Is The Ladbrokes Life EBF Maiden”.  The referrals were as a result of the stewards being unable to conclude an enquiry into the running and riding of Alaskan Son, trained by David Wachman, as the trainer’s Authorised Representative on the day Eoin Lane was unaware of the riding instructions.   Evidence was heard from W.J. Lee and David Wachman.

Film of the race was also viewed and the Committee considered a transcript of the evidence given at the enquiry at Galway.

In his evidence W.J. Lee said that his horse got a good run throughout the race.  He said the leaders quickened away from him in the dip and went four to five lengths clear.  He said he gave his horse a hands and heels ride in the latter stages of the race as he only thought he was going to be third.  However the two horses ahead of him slowed considerably in the last eighty yards, with the result it appeared he was finishing quickly.  He accepted that he minded the horse to an extent but said the horse was slow to react.  He said the horse was giving everything and there was no need to use the whip on him as he was not in a winning position.  He felt his finishing position was as good as the horse was on the day.

In his evidence David Wachman confirmed the instructions which were “get the horse into a nice rhythm so as to educate him and win if you can.”  He said he did not want the horse to have a hard race and possibly leave his career behind him as a result.  He accepted the horse could possibly have won if the rider had used his stick, but confirmed he was happy with the way the horse was ridden on the day. 

Mr Wachman accepted that he had not adequately briefed his authorised representative, Eoin Lane, on the riding instructions and outlined the reason why this occurred.  He said he accepted he was in breach of the rule because of this. 

Having considered the evidence the Committee noted the explanations given by W.J. Lee and David Wachman.  They found that David Wachman was in breach of Rule 147(v) for failing to give details of the riding instructions to his authorised representative on the day.  He was fined €250 and ordered to pay €250 in costs.

  The case was presented by Michael O’Donoghue, Stipendiary Steward.

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