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This horse does not currently hold a hunter certificate for this season.

Entries by IS THIS IT this season

25/10/20Meath (F) & Tara (H)Winners Of One
17/10/20Route (H)Winners Of Three
03/10/20Mid Antrim (H)Winners Of One
20/09/20Ballymacad (F)Winners Of One NOVICE RIDERS
21/03/20North Down (F)Winners Of One
07/03/20East Down (F)Winners Race ADJACENT
22/02/20Tynan & Armagh (F)Winners Of Two
15/02/20Ward Union (S)Winners Of Two
09/02/20Ward Union (S)Winners Of Two
25/01/20East Down (F)Winners Of Two
10/05/19Fermanagh (H)Winners Of Three - Geldings
27/04/19Newry (H)Winners Of One
14/04/19Louth (F)Winners Of One
30/03/19Route (H)Winners Of Two
09/03/19North Down (F)Winners Of One
02/03/19East Down (F)Winners Race ADJACENT
23/02/19Tynan & Armagh (F)Winners Of Two
10/02/19Ward Union (S)Winners Of Two
09/12/18Louth (F)Winners Of One
24/11/18North Down (F)Winners Of One
10/11/18East Antrim (H)Winners Of Two
27/10/18Co. Down (S)Winners Of Two
20/10/18Route (H)Winners Of Three
13/10/18Iveagh (F)Winners Of One

Past results for IS THIS IT

25/10/20Meath (F) & Tara (H)Winners Of One064L Thomas Reilly11st 11lbs
17/10/20Route (H)Winners Of Three07Dist Thomas Reilly11st 11lbs
03/10/20Mid Antrim (H)Winners Of One045L Thomas Reilly11st 11lbs
20/09/20Ballymacad (F)Winners Of One NOVICE RIDERS0910L Miss Aileen O'Sullivan12st 2lbs
07/03/20East Down (F)Winners Race ADJACENT04Dist Thomas Reilly11st 11lbs
22/02/20Tynan & Armagh (F)Winners Of Twopu Thomas Reilly11st 11lbs
15/02/20Ward Union (S)Winners Of Two05Dist Thomas Reilly11st 11lbs
25/01/20East Down (F)Winners Of Two0512L Thomas Reilly11st 11lbs
10/05/19Fermanagh (H)Winners Of Three - Geldings0314L Thomas Reilly11st 11lbs
27/04/19Newry (H)Winners Of One06Thomas Reilly11st 11lbs
14/04/19Louth (F)Winners Of One033L Thomas Reilly11st 11lbs
30/03/19Route (H)Winners Of Two0325L Thomas Reilly11st 11lbs
09/03/19North Down (F)Winners Of Onepu Thomas Reilly11st 11lbs
02/03/19East Down (F)Winners Race ADJACENT033L Thomas Reilly11st 11lbs
23/02/19Tynan & Armagh (F)Winners Of Twopu Thomas Reilly11st 11lbs
10/02/19Ward Union (S)Winners Of Twopu Thomas Reilly11st 11lbs
09/12/18Louth (F)Winners Of Onepu Thomas Reilly11st 11lbs
24/11/18North Down (F)Winners Of One0515L Thomas Reilly11st 11lbs
10/11/18East Antrim (H)Winners Of Twopu Thomas Reilly11st 11lbs
13/10/18Iveagh (F)Winners Of Onepu James William Reilly11st 11lbs
12/05/17Fermanagh (H)Winners Of Three - Geldings0410L Rory Anthony Devine11st 11lbs
06/05/17Newry (H)Winners Of One05Dist James Patrick O'Rourke12st 2lbs
21/04/17Killultagh, Old Rock & Chichester (F)Winners Of One0210L Jonathan Creswell11st 11lbs
09/04/17Louth (F)Winners Of One074L Jonathan Creswell11st 11lbs
18/03/17Iveagh (F)Maiden Race For 6-Y-O & Upwards Geldings01 Jonathan Creswell11st 11lbs
11/03/17North Down (F)Maiden Race For 6-Y-O & Upwards Geldings05Harley Dean Dunne12st 2lbs
01/03/17Tynan & Armagh (F)Maiden Race For 6-Y-O & Upwards Geldings0210L Harley Dean Dunne12st 2lbs
11/02/17North Down (F)Maiden Race For 6-Y-O & Upwards (DIVISION II)0415L Jonathan Creswell11st 11lbs
28/01/17East Down (F)Maiden Race For 6-Y-O & Upwards Geldingspu Harley Dean Dunne12st 2lbs
12/11/16Co. Down (S)Maiden Race For 6-Y-O & Upwards Geldingspu Harley Dean Dunne12st 1lbs
21/05/16Iveagh (F)Maiden Race For 6-Y-O & Upwards Geldings038L Harley Dean Dunne12st 1lbs
14/05/16Fermanagh (H)Maiden Race For 6-Y-O Geldings028L Barry O'Neill12st 1lbs
30/04/16Newry (H)Maiden Race For 6-Y-O & Upwards Geldings05Nk Barry O'Neill12st 1lbs
16/04/16Co. Down (S)Maiden Race For 6-Y-O & Upwards038L Barry O'Neill12st 1lbs
29/03/16East Antrim (H)Maiden Race For 6-Y-O Geldingspu Barry O'Neill12st 1lbs
12/03/16North Down (F)Maiden Race For 6-Y-O & Upwards Geldingsf Barry O'Neill12st 1lbs
27/02/16Tynan & Armagh (H)Maiden Race For 6-Y-O & Upwards Geldings045L Barry O'Neill12st 1lbs
13/02/16North Down (F)Maiden Race For 5 & 6-Y-O Geldings0210L Noel McParlan12st 1lbs
06/02/16East Down (F)Maiden Race For 6-Y-O & Upwards Geldingsf John Richard Doyle11st 10lbs
21/11/15North Down (F)Maiden Race For 5-Y-O Geldingspu Declan Gerard Lavery12st 1lbs
24/10/15East Antrim (H)Maiden Race For 5-Y-O Geldingspu Declan Gerard Lavery12st 1lbs
10/10/15Mid Antrim (H)Maiden Race For 5-Y-O Geldingspu Declan Gerard Lavery12st 1lbs

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