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Faugheen Novice Steeplechase Referral - Limerick 28 December 2023

Following the Guinness Faugheen Novice Steeplechase in Limerick on 28 December, the Raceday Stewards enquired into an incident approaching the second last fence involving Gaelic Warrior (GER), ridden by Mr. P.W. Mullins, and Il Etait Temps (FR), ridden by D.E. Mullins. Having considered the evidence, the Raceday Stewards took no further action.

Subsequently, having become aware of comments made by Mr. P.W. Mullins in a media interview that took place immediately prior to the Stewards Enquiry relating to the incident and to conversations that Mr. Mullins purportedly had with D.E. Mullins prior to the race, the Raceday Stewards referred the matter to an IHRB Senior Racing Official for further investigation.

The matter was investigated thoroughly by the IHRB, including:

  • a review of post-race comments by Mr. Mullins

  • a review of the race and the immediate aftermath of the race

  • a review of the transcripts of both Stewards Enquiries on the day

  • a formal interview with Mr. Mullins.


During the interview with IHRB Senior Racing Officials, Mr. Mullins conceded that he hadn’t expressed himself appropriately in his comments on Racing TV immediately after the race, which may have incorrectly fuelled some of the subsequent speculation and comment. He apologised for his conduct on the day, which he accepted was not as it should have been, and gave an undertaking that the conduct in question would not be repeated.

In their Enquiry into the racing incident on the day, the Raceday Stewards found that Mr. Mullins was not in breach of Rule 214. It is not intended to challenge this decision. The IHRB was also satisfied that any suggestion of a breach of Rule 273 (x) on the part of Mr. P.W. Mullins was not supported by the evidence.

Lastly, in respect of Mr Mullins’s conduct on pulling up and his subsequent comments to the media, the IHRB has concluded that this conduct does not reach the threshold of seriousness to warrant a hearing before a Referrals Committee under Rule 272.

Following the interview and in light of Mr. Mullins’s apology and undertaking, the IHRB formally reminded Mr. Mullins of his obligations under Rules to ensure his comments and actions do not bring Irish racing into disrepute, and will not be taking further action in respect of this matter.

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