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W.P. Mullins / W.M.Lordan Referral

W.P. Mullins/W.M. Lordan/Mosawat (G.B.) – Navan, 17th October 2006

The Referrals Committee, Dr. Gordon A. Holmes (in the Chair), Mr. P.J.A. O’Connor and Mrs. T.K. Cooper met at the Stand House Hotel, The Curragh, Co. Kildare on 1st December 2006 to consider the referral by the Acting Stewards at Navan on 17th October 2006 of W.P. Mullins (trainer Mosawat (G.B.), W.M. Lordan (rider Mosawat (G.B.)) and Mosawat (G.B.) following the running of the Ladbrokes.Com Race, as they were unable to hold an enquiry into the running and riding of Mosawat (G.B.) because Mr. Mullins, who was not present at the meeting, had not lodged an Authority to Act at Scales in respect of any individual to represent him.

Evidence was heard from W.P. Mullins, W.M. Lordan and Shay Quinn, Stewards Secretary.  A video of the race was also viewed.

Having considered the evidence the Committee noted the explanations given and took no further action.  The Committee also noted that had the new Rule 147 (vi) been in place, the Acting Stewards would have been in a position to deal with the matter themselves and would have done so, thus a referral would have been quite unnecessary.

The case was presented by Mr. Brian Price, Wilkinson and Price Solicitors, Naas, Co. Kildare.

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