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T. J. O’Mara / Vintage Year Appeal Limerick – 20th June 2008

T. J. O’Mara / Vintage Year Appeal Limerick – 20th June 2008

The Appeals Body, Division Two, Mr. C. E. O’Sullivan (in the Chair), Mrs. J. O. Onions and Ms. Meta Osborne met in the Turf Club Offices, Curragh, Co Kildare on 14th July 2008 to consider the appeal of T. J. O’Mara, Trainer, against the severity of the penalties imposed by the Acting Stewards at Limerick on 20th June 2008 when following the running of the Paulaner Alcohol Free Beer Handicap, he was found to be in breach of Rule 212.  As a result he was fined €1,500 and Vintage Year was suspended for 60 days.

Evidence was heard from T. J. O’Mara and L. Wyer (Stewards Secretary).  The Appeals Body also considered submissions from Mr. Brian Price (presenting the case) and Mr. Patrick Kennedy Solicitor acting on behalf of T. J. O’Mara.

Having considered the evidence the Appeals Body reduced the fine imposed on T. J. O’Mara to €750 and the suspension imposed on the horse to 28 days.  They also ordered that Mr. O’Mara’s Appeal deposit be returned.

The case was presented by Mr. Brian Price, Wilkinson & Price Solicitors, Naas, Co Kildare, T.J O’Mara was represented by Mr. Patrick Kennedy, P.J. O’Meara & Co Solicitors, Thurles.

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