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Patrick J. Flynn Referral Hearing

Patrick J. Flynn / D R McCabe / South South West Referral
Dundalk, 13th April 2012

The Referrals Committee John Moloney (in the Chair), Sean Barry and Michael Doyle met at the Turf Club, The Curragh, Co. Kildare on 23rd April 2012 to consider the running and riding referral of South South West at Dundalk on 13th April 2012, following the running of the Handicap as the Stewards were unable to conclude their enquiry because David Nolan (P.J. Flynn’s authorised representative) was unaware of the riding instructions.

Evidence was heard from D.R. McCabe, rider and P.J. Flynn, trainer.  Recordings of the race were also viewed.

In his evidence, D.R. McCabe said that South South West was very keen on the way to the start.  As a result he took a pull when the horse left the stalls to get him settled.  He said his run was blocked on a number of occasions up the straight and that he tried to manoeuvre his mount to the outside to get a run.  Eventually when he got there it was too late and the race was practically over.  He accepted that if he got a clear run he would have been closer and that he could have been stronger on the horse.  He confirmed that the riding instructions he was given were to get cover, take it from there, settle the horse and ride the horse hands and heels.  He also told the Committee that it was the first time he had ridden the horse and that it was his first ride of the year.

Patrick J. Flynn told the Committee that he accepted he was in breach of Rule 147(v) for failing to give the riding instructions to his authorised representative at Dundalk.  He outlined why this had occurred.

He confirmed that the riding instructions he gave to D.R. McCabe were as outlined by the rider.  He said that it was impossible for the horse to win as he lost so much ground at the start.  He said he was happy with the run and that he was satisfied with the way the horse was ridden considering he lost so much ground at the start.

Having considered the evidence, the Committee severely cautioned D.R. McCabe and warned him that he should be much more forceful in future and be seen to make more effort.

The Committee fined Patrick J. Flynn €250 for a breach of Rule 147(v).  They noted his explanation in relation to the performance of South South West and ordered that he pay costs of €400.  In arriving at their decision on costs, the Committee stated that it would not have been necessary for the Referrals Committee to convene or the Turf Club to incur costs relating to the hearing if Mr. Flynn had informed his authorised representative at Dundalk regarding the riding instructions.

The case was presented by Paul Murtagh, Stipendiary Steward.

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