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Mr. S.J. Craig, Qualified Rider Referral

Mr. S.J. Craig, Qualified Rider Referral

Sligo, 15th July, 2007.

The Referrals Committee, Mr. A. Hunt (in the Chair), Mr. C.E. O’Sullivan and Mrs. T.K. Cooper, met in the Stewards Room at the Curragh Racecourse on Wednesday, 29th August, 2007, to consider the referral of Mr. S.J. Craig, Qualified Rider, by the Acting Stewards at Sligo on 15th July, 2007, when Mr. Craig was unable to fulfill a riding engagement on “Greek Revival (USA)”, trained by Mr. A.J. Martin.  Mr. Craig was not present at the meeting and the Stewards referred the matter.

The Committee heard evidence from Mr. Craig and from Mr. C.P. McNally, Qualified Rider.

Having considered the evidence, the Committee decided that Mr. Craig was in breach of Rule 195 (i) and they imposed a fine of €200 and cautioned him as to his responsibilities in this regard in future.

The case was presented to the Committee by Mr. Sean Barry, Registrar, I.N.H.S. Committee.

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