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Mr. Patrick Neville - “The Breathalyser” Prohibited Substance

Mr. Patrick Neville  -  “The Breathalyser” Prohibited Substance

Gowran Park, 2nd April, 2008.

The Referrals Committee, Mrs. J.O. Onions (in the Chair), Capt. S.H. Walford and Mr. Charles C. Cunningham, met in the Turf Club Offices, The Curragh, Co. Kildare, on Tuesday 20th May, 2008, to consider a report from BHP Laboratories in Limerick that the biological fluid sample taken from “The Breathalyser” following its win in the Gowran Park Goff Springs Team Event 2008 Maiden Hurdle at Gowran Park on 2nd April, 2008, tested positive for Caffeine and Theobromine which are both included in the Schedule of Prohibited Substances pursuant to Rule 20 (v) of the Rules of Racing and the Irish National Hunt Steeplechase Rules.  The Committee heard evidence from Mr. Andrew Tyrrell, Turf Club Veterinary Officer, and from Mr. Patrick Neville, Trainer of “The Breathalyser”. 

Having considered the evidence the Committee found Mr. Neville to be in breach of Rule 148 (ii) and they imposed a fine of €200 on Mr. Neville.  However the Committee waived the fine because it was satisfied that the Prohibited Substance was administered unknowingly and that the Trainer had taken all reasonable precautions to avoid a breach of Rule.  The Committee disqualified “The Breathalyser” from first place and ordered that the records be amended accordingly, to read as follows:-

First:  Whatever Next
Second: East Beach
Third:  Hey Porter
Fourth: Storey Coburn

The case was presented to the Committee by Mr. Sean Barry, Registrar, I.N.H.S. Committee.

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