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Mr. D. Allen (Rider) Referral – Fairyhouse 8th April 2023

The Referrals Committee, Mr. Robert Dore (Chair), Mr. John Murphy and Dr. Tom McDonogh convened at the Offices of the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board on Wednesday 26th April 2023 to consider the referral of Mr. D. Allen by the Raceday Stewards at Fairyhouse on Monday 8th April 2023.

On the day, following the running of the Rybo Handicap Hurdle, the Raceday Stewards enquired into the circumstances of a false start in this race. As Mr. D. Allen had left the racecourse before the commencement of the enquiry, the Raceday Stewards referred Mr. D. Allen to the Referrals Committee.

At the Referral Hearing, evidence was heard from Mr. Allen and the committee also watched a recording of the start of this race.

In his evidence, Mr. Allen stated that he had remained at the track for 30 minutes following the running of this race and was unaware that he was needed for an enquiry. He confirmed he would have been present had he been aware and apologised for the misunderstanding. In regard to the start of this race, Mr. Allen said that this was his first time to ride in a race of this magnitude. He outlined his instructions were to jump of in the first three and at the start he was positioned in mid division when the other horses beside him moved towards the starter he was afraid that he would lose his position and he also moved forward. Mr. Allen said when he realised it was a false start he pulled up straight away and did not break the tape.

Having considered the evidence, the Referrals Committee noted Mr. Allen’s explanation regarding his absence from the enquiry. The Committee found Mr. Allen in breach of Rule 208(iii)(b) in that he had put his horse into a trot or canter before the start of the race, and Rule 208(v)(b) in that he had disobeyed the starter. Having considered his record in this regard, the Referral Committee suspended Mr. Allen for one raceday.

Suspension Date 11th May 2023.

The case was presented by Mr. Michael Daly, IHRB Regulatory Legal Advisor.

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