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M.C. Hussey (Rider) Referral – Leopardstown, 16th June 2016


The Referrals Committee Justice Tony Hunt (in the Chair), Mrs. J.O. Onions and Mrs T.K. Cooper met in the Stewards Room, Curragh Racecourse, Co Kildare on Sunday, 26th June 2016 to consider the referral of M.C. Hussey (rider) by Denis Egan, Chief Executive of the Turf Club, as a result of him being unavailable to be interviewed by the Stewards at Leopardstown on 16th June 2016. On the day the Stewards had wanted to speak to M.C. Hussey regarding his riding of Trespassed but were unable to do so as he had left the racetrack at 8.44pm, five minutes after the winner all right had been given.

Evidence was heard from Shay Quinn, Stewards Secretary and M.C. Hussey. Film of the race was also viewed.

In his evidence Shay Quinn said that the ride attracted the attention of the Stewards as they felt M.C. Hussey could have been stronger on Trespassed in the latter stages of the race. However the Stewards subsequently received a report from the Turf Club Veterinary Officer that the horse was clinically abnormal when examined post race.

Mr Quinn said he went to look for Mr Hussey at 8.44pm (five minutes after the winner all right was announced) but could not find him, despite checking in a number of areas and consulting with his colleagues.

In his evidence M.C. Hussey said that his riding instructions were to “drop out and do your best”. He said it was the horse’s first run for Gordon Elliott and he felt he ran in snatches. He accepted that he only rode hands and heels in the latter stages of the race but felt that even if he did ride harder, the horse would not have finished any closer. He said the horse felt fine during the race. Mr Hussey said he had not left the racecourse when Shay Quinn had looked for him.

Having considered the evidence the Committee noted the explanation. However the Committee did find M.C. Hussey in breach of Rule 229(v) for failing to remain on the racecourse and be available to the Stewards until ten minutes after the winner all right announcement had been made. As a result they cautioned him.

The case was presented by Denis Egan, Chief Executive of the Turf Club.

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