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M.A. Gallagher (Rider) Appeal - Dundalk, 24th April 2019

The Appeals Body Mr. Philip Caffrey (in the Chair), Mrs. Valerie Cooper and Mr. N.P. Lambert convened at The Curragh Racecourse, Co Kildare on Monday 6th May 2019 to consider the appeal of Mr. M.A. Gallagher, Rider of St. George’s Head, against the decision of the Stewards at Dundalk on 24th April 2019. On the day, following the running of the Irish Stallion Farms EBF M’dn, he was suspended for 1 race day, as he was found in breach of Rule 211 in that he failed to keep a straight line while riding before reaching the marker poles during this race.

Mr. Gallagher submitted an appeal against the severity of the sanction.

The Appeals Body reviewed the footage of the race and heard submissions from Mr. Gallagher. Mr. Gallagher confirmed that he accepted the charge and stated that his current record was clear in relation to Rule 211(a) breaches.

Having considered the submission made by Mr. Gallagher, the Appeals Body allowed the appeal and substituted a caution and a fine of €150 for the one-day suspension. As the Appeal was allowed the deposit was ordered to be refunded. It was noted that in the event of any further breaches of the Rule, the Rider may be subject to a suspension if deemed appropriate by the Stewards.

The case was presented by Cliodhna Guy, Solicitor, Head of Licensing, Legal and Compliance. 

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