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K.J. Condon / W.J. Lee Referrals

K.J. Condon / W.J. Lee Referrals
Tramore, 12th August 2011

The Referrals Committee Judge Tony Hunt (in the Chair), Michael Doyle and Mrs. J.O. Onions met at the Turf Club on 17th August 2011 to consider the referrals of K.J. Condon, trainer and W.J. Lee, rider of Templeton by Denis Egan, Keeper of the Matchbook following the running of the Tramore Races on Facebook Maiden at Tramore on 12th August 2011.  The Stewards at Tramore had held an enquiry into the running and riding of Templeton and having considered the evidence referred the matter to the Keeper of the Matchbook for further investigation.

Evidence was heard from K.J. Condon, W.J. Lee and Raymond Doyle, owner.  The Committee also viewed recordings of the horse’s three previous runs at Wexford on 20th May, Tramore on 4th June and Killarney on 13th July, as well as the race at Tramore on 12th August.

In his evidence K.J. Condon said that he was pleased with the horse’s run at Tramore even though he felt he was unlucky not to win.  He said that the horse runs best on a turning track such as Tramore.  He felt the horse was a weak horse who was still progressing and that the whip should have been used sooner at Tramore.  He attributed the horse’s failure to win as an error of judgment on the rider’s part rather than anything else.

In his evidence W.J. Lee accepted that he should have gone for the whip sooner.  However, he felt that his mount did not respond as well as anticipated when he did hit him twice.  He also said that he thought the horse would have found more than he actually did when the pressure was applied.  He said he was satisfied with the way he had ridden but was annoyed that he didn’t win.

Raymond Doyle told the Committee that he felt his horse had hit the front in the run up to the line but that the winner had battled back to lead right on the line in a bobbing finish.  He said he owned the dam of Templeton and that he has offspring of the dam at home.  He said there was every incentive for the horse to win to enhance the bloodlines.

Having considered the evidence the Committee found that there was no breach of rule as W.J. Lee gave the horse every opportunity to win.

The case was presented by Denis Egan, Chief Executive of the Turf Club.

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