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James McAuley (Trainer) - Referral - Killarney - 15th May 2018

James McAuley (Trainer), Referral - Killarney– 15th May 2018

The Referrals Committee, Sean Barry (in the chair), Laurence McFerran and John Murphy met at the Offices of the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board, The Curragh, Co. Kildare on Monday, 9th July 2018 to consider whether or not James McAuley Trainer, was in breach of any rules as a result of the late arrival of Cardigan Street (USA), into the Parade Ring and other matters which arose on the day including Mr. McAuley’s failure to nominate an authorised representative and leaving his horses unattended in the stable yard.

The Committee considered written evidence from James McAuley and James Gough, Owner of the horses concerned.  The Committee also considered a transcript of the stewards’ enquiry at Killarney.

Having considered the evidence, the Referrals Committee noted that James McAuley was on route to Killarney and had to turn back on the day in question for reasons outside his control. As a result, he was short staffed at Killarney and his representative was unable to get assistance which resulted in the issues arising. In view of what occurred, they accepted his reasons for the late arrival of Cardigan Bay into the Parade Ring and why his horses were left unattended in the stableyard. However, they found James McAuley in breach of Rule 147(v) for failing to nominate and authorised representative and fined him €130.

The case presented to the Committee by Cliodhna Guy, Head of Licensing, Legal and Compliance.

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