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James McAuley Referral Hearing - 11th February 2010

James McAuley / Earmark Referral

The Referrals Committee Dr. Gordon Holmes (in the chair), Mr. Edward Flannery and Mr. Neville O’Byrne met in the Turf Club, Curragh, Co. Kildare on 11th February 2010 to consider the referral of James McAuley, trainer, by Denis Egan, Chief Executive, in respect of a possible breach of Rule 148(vi) as a result of him not returning Earmark out of training until 17th August 2009 despite the fact that Earmark had left his premises at the end of June/early July 2009.

Evidence was heard from James McAuley who admitted the breach of rule.

Having considered the evidence and having taken into account Mr. McAuley’s excellent record, he was fined €130.


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