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Edward Cawley/Molly's Boy(GB) Referral

Edward Cawley / Molly’s Boy (GB) Referral
Cork – 3rd April 2010

The Referrals Committee, Philip Caffrey (in the Chair), C.E. O’Sullivan and Mrs. T.K. Cooper met in the Turf Club, The Curragh, Co. Kildare on 9th July to consider the referral of Edward Cawley, trainer of Molly’s Boy (GB), when following the running of the Easter Festival Handicap Hurdle at Cork on 3rd April 2010, he was referred for a possible breach of Rule 213 as the Stewards were of the opinion that he possibly failed to report something that may have affected the horses previous run.

The Committee considered written evidence from Edward Cawley, who did not attend the hearing, which included a letter from his veterinary surgeon Marie Harty who stated that none of the horse’s problems were particularly severe and no medical treatment was recommended. They also considered evidence given by Mr Cawley to the Stewards at Cork on 3rd April where he stated that the horse scoped slightly dirty after his previous run when scoped at the track. They also noted the contents of Ms Harty’s report which, in Mr Cawley’s opinion, did not need to be reported, even though a number of small veterinary issues were diagnosed.

Having considered the evidence, the Committee found Edward Cawley guilty of a breach of Rule 213 and imposed a fine on him of £130 for not reporting something which may have affected the horse’s previous run at Cork.

The case was presented by Denis Egan, Chief Executive of the Turf Club.

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