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Denis Ahern / Tiarella – Clonmel, 7th May 2009

Denis Ahern / Tiarella – Clonmel, 7th May 2009

The Referrals Committee Mrs. J.O. Onions (in the Chair), Ms. Meta Osborne and Mr. J.R. Craigie met in the Turf Club, The Curragh, Co. Kildare on 29th May to consider the referral of Mr. Denis Ahern Trainer of Tiarella, following the running of the Summer BBQ Evening June 12th Handicap Steeplechase.  During an enquiry into the apparent improvement in form of Tiarella, the Stewards found that Mr. Ahern had failed to report a matter at Clonmel on 19th March 2009 that may have affected the performance of his charge on that day and which only came to light during the enquiry.

Evidence was heard from Mr. Denis Ahern, who admitted a breach of Rule 213.

Having considered the evidence, the Committee fined him €200 and imposed costs of €100.

The case was presented by Mr. Denis Egan, Chief Executive of the Irish Turf Club.

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