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D.E. Mullins Appeal Hearing

D.E. Mullins Appeal – Killarney, 12th July 2010

The Appeals Body, Division Two, J.R. Craigie (in the Chair), P.J.A. O’Connor and Justice Frank Clarke met in the Turf Club on 20th July 2010 to consider an appeal from D.E. Mullins, apprentice jockey, against the severity of the ban imposed on him by the Stewards at Killarney on 12th July 2010 when, following the running of the John Buckley Auctioneers Handicap, he was suspended for three race days for careless riding.

Evidence was heard from D.E. Mullins, who accepted that he had ridden carelessly.  The Appeals Body also considered a transcript of the evidence originally heard by the Stewards at Killarney and reviewed videos of the race.

Having considered the evidence, the Appeals Body reduced D.E. Mullins’ suspension from three race days to one race day.  In arriving at the decision, the Appeals Body took into account the rider’s excellent record.

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