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“Dark Vocation” Prohibited Substance

Mr. F.J. Bowles  -  “Dark Vocation” Prohibited Substance Sligo, 9th August, 2007

The Referrals Committee, Mr. E. Flannery (in the Chair), Mrs. J.O. Onions and Mr. C. Cunningham, met in the Stewards Room at the Curragh Racecourse on Monday, 15th October, 2007, to enquire into a report received from BHP Laboratories in Limerick that Phenylbutazone and Oxyphenbutazone were present in the biological fluid sample taken from “Dark Vocation” following its win in the Liam McMorrow Memorial Handicap Hurdle at Sligo on 9th August, 2007.  Under the schedule of prohibited substances published pursuant to Rule 20(V) Phenylbutazone and Oxyphenbutazone are Prohibited Substances.  Evidence was heard from Mr. Andrew Tyrrell, Turf Club Veterinary Officer, and Mr. F.J. Bowles, Trainer.

Having considered the evidence the Referrals Committee disqualified “Dark Vocation” from first place, ordering the result to be amended accordingly, as follows:-

First:  Rosoff
Second: Needless To Say
Third:  Miss Ailbhe (GB)
Fourth: Detention (GB)

The Committee took no further action.

The case was presented to the Committee by Mr. Sean Barry, Registrar, I.N.H.S. Committee.

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