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A.J. Martin, Trainer, Referral Fairyhouse, 28th November, 2015.


The Referrals Committee, N.B. Wachman (in the Chair), Justice Tony Hunt and C.P. Magnier, met at the Turf Club, The Curragh, Co Kildare, on Monday, 14th December, 2015, to consider the referral of A.J. Martin following an enquiry into the running and riding of Bobbie’s Diamond in the Auld Stand Kellys Pub Beginners Steeplechase at Fairyhouse on 28th November, 2015. The matter was referred to the Referrals Committee by the Stewards who were of the opinion that A.J. Martin was in breach of Rule 213 as evidence given at the enquiry indicated that the horse had made a respiratory noise in its previous runs.

Evidence was heard from A.J. Martin who explained to the Committee that Bobbie’s Diamond had made a respiratory noise at home. However, while running on the racecourse on various occasions when ridden by various riders, he had not received reports that the horse had made a respiratory noise. As a consequence he assumed it was not necessary for him to report this matter as it had not occurred on the racecourse.

The Committee was aware that the horse had made a respiratory noise, but they were not convinced that it had a bearing on the running of the horse in its previous races. They therefore ruled that A.J. Martin was not in beach of Rule 213 and consequently allowed the Appeal.

The case on behalf of the Turf Club was presented by Conal Boyce of Conal Boyce Solicitors, Naas. The case on behalf of A.J. Martin was presented by Kevin Power of Maurice Power Solicitors, Kilmallock.

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