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A.J. Martin / Sober Sailor Referral

A.J. Martin / Sober Sailor Referral
Limerick – 29th December 2011

The Referrals Committee, Peter N. Reynolds (in the Chair), Michael Doyle and Valerie Cooper met in the Turf Club, The Curragh, Co. Kildare on 2nd March 2012 to consider the referral in regard to the running and riding of Sober Sailor at Limerick on 29th December 2011, following the running of the Follow LRC on Facebook 4-y-o Maiden Hurdle after the Stewards were unable to conclude their enquiry because Michael Cromwell (A.J. Martin’s authorised representative) was unaware of the riding instructions.

Evidence was heard from Michael Cromwell and from N.P. Madden, rider of Sober Sailor. The Committee also considered written evidence from A.J. Martin, trainer of Sober Sailor, who could not be present due to unavoidable circumstances.  Recordings of the race were also viewed.

In his evidence Michael Cromwell confirmed that he received no riding instructions from A.J. Martin on the day and accepted that he should have.

In his evidence N.P. Madden said that Sober Sailor travelled well during the race.  He said he didn’t use his whip as he felt that he would not have passed the horse that finished third or indeed finished any closer to that horse.

In his written evidence, A.J. Martin said that he didn’t give specific instructions to N.P. Madden when he spoke to him other than to be careful and do the best he could.  He said that the horse is a difficult horse that had run out in his previous race at Down Royal.

Having considered the evidence, the Committee took no further action in relation to the running and riding of the horse other than to caution N.P. Madden to be seen to make greater effort and be more vigorous in future.  The Committee did find A.J. Martin in breach of Rule 147(v) as he failed to make his authorised representative aware of the riding instructions on the day.  He was fined €250 in respect of the rule breach and ordered to make a contribution of €200 towards Turf Club costs.

The case was presented by Conal Boyce, Wilkinson & Price Solicitors, Naas, Co. Kildare.

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