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IHRB Trainers’ Seminar
Equine Anti-Doping and Medication Control: Understanding Your Responsibilities
5.30pm - 21 November 2022 

The event is open to stable staff and veterinary surgeons – if those connected with you would like to attend, they should also complete the link below and put their role/your name in brackets at Question 1.

Places are limited in the IHRB offices and access online will be restricted to those who have pre-registered.  If you wish to attend, please complete the following link – we look forward to seeing you.

Click here to register to attend the IHRB Seminar in person or to register remotely


This Seminar builds on those previously delivered by the IHRB which focused on ‘Prohibited Substances – Managing the Risk’. Following over 18 months acting as Authorised Officers under the Animal Remedies legislation we want to share our experiences and assist industry participants to understand their responsibilities in the use of equine medicines.

As previously, this session is primarily aimed at trainers, as those responsible under the IHRB Rules of Racing, but it is also of relevance to Veterinary Surgeons treating horses in training, stable staff, and others with an interest in how the IHRB fulfils its role to protect the integrity of racing in Ireland in relation to the use of medicines.

This Seminar will provide an understanding of:

  • What is involved in an inspection carried out by IHRB Authorised Officers

    - A typical stableyard inspection – what to expect

    - Observations on standards in general – common pitfalls

  • Using equine medication responsibly – why it’s so important and how to do it safely

     - Principles of medication control – welfare, safety, industry risk/damage

    - Basics of licensing medications

    - Detection Time, Withdrawal Time, Stand Downs and how they link to lab ‘cut offs’

  • Pitfalls – and how to avoid them

           - Recording

           - Administration, by whom and how

           - Keeping of medicines

• Q&A

           - IHRB Chief Veterinary Officer and Authorised Officers will be on hand to answer your questions

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