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Brian Mortell & William G. Hanly - ROYAL BLUE,red hoop; emerald green sleeves,red armlet; white & red hooped cap (Co.Limerick (F))

Entries by THREE LOUD KNOCKS this season

21/04/24Doneraile (H)Open Lightweight Race NOVICE RIDERS
24/03/24Tipperary (F) LisronaghOpen Lightweight Race LADY RIDERS
10/03/24North Galway (F)Open Lightweight Race
14/01/24Clonmel (H)Open Lightweight Race - Graded Winners Excluded LADY RIDERS
03/12/23United Hunt (F) BallindeniskOpen Lightweight Race
26/11/23Stonehall (H)Open Lightweight Race LADY RIDERS
12/11/23Duhallow (F) KanturkOpen Lightweight Race - Graded Winners Excluded
28/11/21Stonehall (H)Winners Of Two
21/11/21Duhallow (F) KildorreryWinners Of Three
14/11/21Co. Clare (H) Dromoland @ QuakerstownOpen Lightweight Race LADY RIDERS
31/10/21Limerick (F) Bruff @ RathcannonWinners Of Two
23/05/21Ormond (F)Winners Of Two
16/05/21United Hunt (F) BallindeniskWinners Of Two
06/12/20Kilmoganny (F)Winners Of Two
15/11/20Golden Vale (F)Open Lightweight Race NOVICE RIDERS
01/11/20Limerick (F) Bruff @ RathcannonWinners Of Two
04/10/20Westmeath (F)Winners Of Two

Past results for THREE LOUD KNOCKS

21/04/24Doneraile (H)Open Lightweight Race NOVICE RIDERSur Patrick William Gleeson11st 11lbs
24/03/24Tipperary (F) LisronaghOpen Lightweight Race LADY RIDERSur Miss Laura Costello11st 6lbs
10/03/24North Galway (F)Open Lightweight Race051L Miss Laura Costello11st 11lbs
14/01/24Clonmel (H)Open Lightweight Race - Graded Winners Excluded LADY RIDERSpu Miss Laura Costello11st 6lbs
03/12/23United Hunt (F) BallindeniskOpen Lightweight Racepu Patrick William Gleeson11st 11lbs
26/11/23Stonehall (H)Open Lightweight Race LADY RIDERS0433L Miss Laura Costello11st 6lbs
12/11/23Duhallow (F) KanturkOpen Lightweight Race - Graded Winners Excludedpu Patrick William Gleeson11st 11lbs
28/11/21Stonehall (H)Winners Of Two024L Miss Maxine O'Sullivan12st 2lbs
21/11/21Duhallow (F) KildorreryWinners Of Three026L Miss Maxine O'Sullivan12st 2lbs
31/10/21Limerick (F) Bruff @ RathcannonWinners Of Two02DQ Michael John Matthew O'Sullivan12st 2lbs
23/05/21Ormond (F)Winners Of Two022L Michael John Matthew O'Sullivan12st 2lbs
16/05/21United Hunt (F) BallindeniskWinners Of Two03DH Michael John Matthew O'Sullivan12st 2lbs
06/12/20Kilmoganny (F)Winners Of Twopu John Christopher Barry12st 2lbs
15/11/20Golden Vale (F)Open Lightweight Race NOVICE RIDERSsu Sean Staples12st 2lbs
01/11/20Limerick (F) Bruff @ RathcannonWinners Of Two053L John Christopher Barry12st 2lbs
04/10/20Westmeath (F)Winners Of Twopu Jordan Colin Gainford11st 11lbs
06/05/18Galway Blazers (F)Winners Of Two01 Barry O'Neill12st 2lbs
22/04/18Stonehall (H) BallysteenWinners Of Two0318L Raymond William Barron12st 2lbs
25/03/18Duhallow (F) LiscarrollWinners Of One032L Raymond William Barron12st 2lbs
04/02/18Co. Clare (H) BelharbourWinners Of One0350L John Christopher Barry12st 2lbs
10/12/17United Hunt (F) Clonmult/DungourneyWinners Of Two04DH John Christopher Barry12st 2lbs
19/11/17Golden Vale (F)Maiden Race For 5-Y-O Geldings01 John Christopher Barry12st 2lbs
04/06/17Ormond (F)Maiden Race For 5-Y-O Geldings022L Raymond William Barron11st 11lbs
01/05/17Muskerry (F) DawstownMaiden Race For 5-Y-O Geldings03Nk Raymond William Barron11st 11lbs
09/04/17North Galway (F)Maiden Race For 5 & 6-Y-O Geldings027L Raymond William Barron11st 11lbs
19/03/17Duhallow (F) Kanturk @ DromahaneMaiden Race For 5-Y-O Geldings051L Harley Dean Dunne12st 2lbs
05/03/17Limerick (H) LemonfieldMaiden Race For 5-Y-O Geldings0620L Raymond William Barron11st 11lbs
05/02/17Co. Clare (H) BelharbourMaiden Race For 5-Y-O Geldings058L Paul John O'Neill12st 2lbs
22/01/17Scarteen (F)Maiden Race For 5-Y-O & Upwards CONFINED036L John Christopher Barry12st 2lbs
27/03/16Co. Clare (H) Dromoland @ QuakerstownMaiden Race For 4-Y-O04Dist John James O'Connor11st 5lbs

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