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This horse does not currently hold a hunter certificate for this season.

Entries by THEKINGOFCONNEMARA this season

30/12/22Duhallow (F) KanturkOpen Lightweight Race - Graded Winners Excluded
27/11/22West Waterford (F) BoultaOpen Lightweight Race
06/11/22Kilkenny (F)Open Lightweight Race
24/10/21Waterford (F)Open Lightweight Race
10/10/21Galway Blazers (F)Open Lightweight Race
13/12/20Ballymacad (F)Open Lightweight Race
29/11/20Carlow Farmers (F)Open Lightweight Race NOVICE RIDERS
18/10/20South Westmeath (H)Open Lightweight Race NOVICE RIDERS


27/11/22West Waterford (F) BoultaOpen Lightweight Race021L Brian Dunleavy12st 2lbs
06/11/22Kilkenny (F)Open Lightweight Race04Robert James12st 2lbs
24/10/21Waterford (F)Open Lightweight Race02Patrick Anthony King12st 2lbs
10/10/21Galway Blazers (F)Open Lightweight Race043L Michael John Sweeney12st 2lbs
29/11/20Carlow Farmers (F)Open Lightweight Race NOVICE RIDERS082L Jack Hogan12st 2lbs

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