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Maiden Race For 5-Y-O & Upwards Mares
Blackhall Stables Partnership1LINDA'S LASHES (FR) - 2016 f br by Linda's Lad (GB) - Trofee Dore (FR)
Bree (F) - BLACK,orange sash; black sleeves; white cap,orange star
Pierce, Paul Martin **
Blackhall Stables Partnership2SISTER MONICA - 2018 f br by Sageburg - Initforthecrack
Bree (F) - BLACK,orange sash; black sleeves; white cap,orange star
Pierce, Paul Martin **
Murphy, Brendan A.3EMILY'S CHOICE - 2018 f b by Kalanisi - Murphys Filly
Bree (F) - LIGHT GREEN; royal blue sleeves; light green cap
Bowe, Colin
Milestone Bloodstock Ltd.4NOT COUNTING YOU - 2018 f b by Soldier of Fortune - Fu's Legend
Bree (F) - BLACK; black sleeves; green cap
Bowe, Colin
Casey, Richard J5OUT ON A JINK - 2018 f b by Westerner (GB) - Wilde Sapphire
Bree (F) - RED; grey sleeves; yellow cap
Bowe, Colin
Fitzgerald, John6HARRYS ANNIE - 2017 f b by Walk In The Park - Our Trick
Lismore (H) - EMERALD GREEN,white chevron; emerald green sleeves; emerald green & white striped cap
O'Brien, Terence
O'Brien, Terence7TOBYS LASS - 2018 f b by Pour Moi - Milaneeto
United Hunt (F) - RED,green sash; red sleeves; red cap,green spots
O'Brien, Terence
Corcoran, Michael8ASK HANNAH - 2018 f b by Ask (GB) - Benfrasea
Shillelagh & District (F) - YELLOW & ROYAL BLUE HLVD; yellow,royal blue reversed sleeves; yellow & royal blue striped cap
Roche, Kieran
Aspel, Peter P.9BALLINAMONA JET - 2018 f b by Jet Away (GB) - Clomore
Killinick (H) - EMERALD GREEN,white chevrons; emerald green sleeves,white chevrons; orange & white hooped cap
O'Keeffe, Conor
Flynn, Richard C.10BARNAHASH ARCH - 2018 f b by Arcadio (GER) - Barnahash
Coolnakilla (H) - RED,dark green cross of lorraine; red sleeves; red & dark green striped cap
Sweeney, Jonathan
Barry, James M.11CASH R CHEQUE - 2016 f b by Scorpion - Bleu Money
Tipperary (F) - EMERALD GREEN; emerald green & black striped sleeves; red cap
McCutcheon, Evanna
Casey, Andrew12CATHALINA - 2013 f b by Rule of Law (USA) - Texit
Carbery (F) - BLUE,white stars; white sleeves; blue cap,white stars
Hurley, Raymond
Dollard, Joe13COOL MINERS STAR - 2018 f b by Altruistic - Beechfield Daisy
Carlow Farmers (F) - ROYAL BLUE,white stars; royal blue sleeves,white chevrons; royal blue cap
Hanlon, John Joseph
Kennedy, Richard14CRAGBEG JESS - 2018 f b by Mahler (GB) - Maid of Might
Scarteen (F) - EMERALD GREEN & WHITE QTD; emerald green sleeves; white cap
Shannon, Breid
Sgeal Shee Syndicate15DASH OF GINGER - 2018 f ch by Getaway (GER) - Dyrick Daybreak
Kildare (F) - DARK BLUE,white spots; white & red striped cap
O'Sullivan, Ross
Doyle, Raymond P.16EVAGRACE - 2017 f br by Soldier of Fortune - Rudi Tuesday
Mullinavat&District (H) - BLUE,black chevrons; purple sleeves; black cap
Butler, Michael
Murphy, Bernadette A.K.17GIVEUPYERAULDSINS - 2018 f ch by Ocovango (GB) - Jills Oscar
Ballinagore (H) - ORANGE,white epaulettes; white sleeves,orange stars; orange cap,white star
Murphy, Denis Paul
O'Keeffe, Richard18HIP HOP SALLY - 2017 f b by Hillstar (GB) - Rainbow Sally
Killinick (H) - EMERALD GREEN,mauve sash; mauve sleeves; emerald green cap
O'Keeffe, Richard
Cobajay Syndicate19HOLD MY GIRL (GB) - 2018 f b by Camelot (GB) - Bitofapuzzle (GB)
Carlow Farmers (F) - BLACK,red hoop; black sleeves; red cap
Fitzgerald, Aidan
Hennessy, Stephanie20HOLLYWOOD HARMON - 2017 f b by Ask (GB) - Local Lingo
Killeagh (H) - ROYAL BLUE,orange seams; royal blue sleeves,orange seams; royal blue cap,orange diamonds
Hennessy, Joseph
Widger, Michael21HONEY ROLL OVER - 2018 f b by Sageburg - Glorias Princess
Waterford (F) - DARK BLUE,emerald green chevrons; dark blue sleeves,emerald green chevrons; dark blue cap,emerald green star
Flavin, J.P.
Ahern, Norah22IMPERIAL CLASS - 2018 f b by Imperial Monarch - Catch The Class
United Hunt (F) - LIGHT GREEN; light blue & light green hooped cap
Ahern, Denis
O'Neill, Jim23IN MY POCKET (FR) - 2018 f ch by Balko (FR) - Nova D'auteuil (FR)
Island (F) - DARK BLUE,black star; black sleeves,dark blue stars; dark blue cap,black stars
Doyle, Sean Thomas
Clancy, Robert24JET AWAY EXPRESS - 2018 f b br by Jet Away (GB) - Barntown Express
Co.Clare (H) - PINK & PURPLE CHECK; purple sleeves; pink & purple check cap
Clancy, Robert
Carolan, James25KILFILUM WALK - 2018 f b by Walk In The Park - Rock's Field
Co.Clare (H) - MAROON,white stars; white cap,maroon stars
Hassett, Brian
O'Driscoll, John A.26KNOCKANELEIGH GIRL - 2017 f b by Malinas (GER) - Gaye West
Killeady (H) - BLACK,royal blue cross belts; black sleeves; black cap
O'Reilly, Jason
O'Connor, Barry27LINE IN THE SAND - 2018 f b by Shirocco (GER) - Goldfeather
West Waterford (F) - LIGHT GREEN; pink sleeves; pink cap,light green star
Budds, D K
O'Gorman, Emmet28MORNING STAR - 2017 f b by Milan (GB) - Kilbarry Cliche
Waterford (F) - RED,white star; red sleeves,white stars; red cap
Connors, Rosemary
Sheehan, V.29ONEFORTHEDITCH - 2018 f b by Shirocco (GER) - Backinthere
West Waterford (F) - WHITE,red stars; dark blue & light blue hooped sleeves; dark blue & light blue striped cap
Sheehan, V.
Walsh, John Edward30RATTLING ROSE - 2018 f b by Yeats - Under A Charm
Shillelagh & District (F) - YELLOW,black sash; black sleeves; black cap,yellow star
Walsh, John Edward
Hogan, Miss Sarah31RESTLESS LADY - 2018 f b by Sageburg - Alluisch
Co.Galway(F) - BLACK; pink sleeves; green cap
Lee, Norman
Dunne, James P.32SIDE SHOW - 2018 f b by Champs Elysees (GB) - Sister Saragh
Tipperary (F) - BLACK,yellow diamond; black,yellow diamonds sleeves & yellow diamond sleeves; black cap,yellow diamond
Curling, Sam
O'Connor, Charles J.33SISTER MARGUERITE - 2018 f b by Dylan Thomas - Long Walk Home
Duhallow (F) - EMERALD GREEN,black chevron; emerald green & black hooped sleeves; emerald green cap,black spots
O'Connor, Turlough
Doyle, Joseph M.34SMELL THE ROSES - 2017 f b by Alkaadhem (GB) - Ashes of Love
Carlow Farmers (F) - WHITE,red spots; white sleeves,red spots; white cap,blue diamond
Murphy, William P.
Tanner, Richard35SOME JOY - 2018 f b by Walk In The Park - Pink Mist
United Hunt (F) - MAROON,yellow sash; maroon sleeves; black cap
Murphy, Daniel G.
O'Brien, Maurice36SUNSHINE AND SEA - 2018 f b by Affinisea - Sunshine Haven
Kilkenny(F) - RED,white hoop; red sleeves,white armlet; yellow & red qtd cap
Lyons, Louise G.
Long, John37THE COACH LADY - 2018 f b by Shantaram (GB) - Daybreaker
Stonehall (H) - YELLOW,red diabolo; red sleeves; red cap,yellow diamonds
Foley, Richard A.
Maguire, Sean38TROPICAL IMAGE - 2017 f b by Soldier of Fortune - Tropical Love
North Kerry (H) - ORANGE,white diamond; orange sleeves; orange cap,white diamonds
McCarthy, Eoin C.
McGrath, Lisa39YOU SAY ITS OVER - 2018 f gr by Kingston Hill (GB) - Beg La Eile
West Waterford (F) - CRIMSON; blue sleeves; crimson & blue qtd cap
McGrath, R.J.
O'Brien, Shane40YOUGOINGFORONE - 2018 f b by Ol' Man River - Midnight Insanity
Dungarvan (F) - BLACK,red stars; red sleeves,black stars; black cap,red star
O'Brien, Shane
Robinson, Louis41ZEENAT - 2017 f ch by Mamool - My Katie
Kildare (F) - RED,royal blue sash; red & blue striped sleeves; red & blue striped cap
Prendergast, D E

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