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Maiden Race For 5-Y-O & Upwards Mares
Milestone Bloodstock Ltd.1BARRONS LAND - 2018 f b by Soldier of Fortune - Gwendoliner
Bree (F) - BLACK; black sleeves; green cap
Bowe, Colin **
Milestone Bloodstock Ltd.2CONFELICITY - 2018 f b by Doyen - Classic Material (GB)
Bree (F) - BLACK; black sleeves; green cap
Bowe, Colin **
Gibbons, Paul3FRIARS ISLAND LADY - 2018 f b by Doyen - Courtesan (FR)
Bree (F) - ORANGE; orange sleeves; dark green & white hooped cap
Bowe, Colin
Furlong, Nora4VICTORIA WALK - 2017 f b by Walk In The Park - Our Victoria
Bree (F) - EMERALD GREEN,orange chevron; orange sleeves; emerald green & orange qtd cap
Bowe, Colin
Ryan, Michael J.5LACKANEEN MAG - 2018 f b by Court Cave - Lackadora
West Waterford (F) - BROWN & WHITE HOOPS; brown & white hooped sleeves; orange cap
Budds, D K
O'Connor, Barry6LINE IN THE SAND - 2018 f b by Shirocco (GER) - Goldfeather
West Waterford (F) - LIGHT GREEN; pink sleeves; pink cap,light green star
Budds, D K
Monbeg Partnership7FINE DINING - 2018 f b by Vendangeur - Oscars Vision
Island (F) - ORANGE,emerald green spots; white sleeves,emerald green spots; white cap
Doyle, Sean Thomas
Doyle, Gearoid8INTA (FR) - 2018 f b by Coastal Path (GB) - Venus Citlali (GB)
Island (F) - LIGHT GREEN,red star; light green sleeves,royal blue stars; royal blue cap,red star
Doyle, Sean Thomas
Ailish Lambe & Thomas J Browne9ALLTHEATTITUDES - 2018 f ch by Sholokhov - No Currency
Coolnakilla (H) - DARK BLUE,orange stripe; orange sleeves; dark blue cap
Gallagher, Eamonn
Dineen, D.P10CORRIG QUEEN - 2018 f b by Westerner (GB) - Theatre Bob
Dungarvan (F) - GREEN; green sleeves; green cap
Gallagher, Eamonn
Baragry, J.P.11AINES DANCER - 2016 f b by Westerner (GB) - Mahler Dancer
United Hunt (F) - RED & YELLOW DIAMONDS; red sleeves; red cap,yellow diamonds
Baragry, J.P.
Corkery, Dr. Brid12AISLING NUA - 2018 f b by Ocovango (GB) - Cracking Gale
Lismore (H) - PINK & PURPLE HLVD; pink sleeves,purple diabolo; pink cap,purple diamond
Queally, Declan
McCutcheon, Evanna13AMYR - 2017 f b by Mahler (GB) - Nhakira
North Tipperary (F) - MAROON,white hoop; maroon sleeves; maroon cap,white star
McCutcheon, Evanna
O'Brien Hayes, S14ANNI DAY NOW - 2018 f b by Soldier of Fortune - Tallyho
Duhallow (F) - RED,yellow epaulettes; emerald green sleeves; emerald green cap,white diamond
Hayes, Frank John
Hewitt Murphy, Fiona15BABOG - 2018 f ch by Dylan Thomas - Irish Ballarina
Clonmel (H) - YELLOW,blue chevron; white sleeves; yellow cap,blue star
Kelly, David Harry
Moakley, Patrick16BALLYVOLUCK - 2016 f b by Shirocco (GER) - Glenwood Girl
Kilworth&Araglen (H) - WHITE,green & gold cross belts; white sleeves; black & white qtd cap
Moakley, Paddy
Flynn, Richard C.17BARNAHASH ARCH - 2018 f b by Arcadio (GER) - Barnahash
Coolnakilla (H) - RED,dark green cross of lorraine; red sleeves; red & dark green striped cap
Sweeney, Jonathan
Byrne, John C.18BIDDY MORRIS - 2017 f b by Jet Away (GB) - Grande Solitaire (FR)
Killinick (H) - WHITE,emerald green chevron; white sleeves,emerald green chevrons; white & emerald green striped cap
Byrne, John C.
Grainger, Eamonn19DEAR RYTA - 2018 f b by Sholokhov - Dear Benefit
Muskerry (F) - RED & WHITE DIAMONDS; red sleeves; red cap
Ott, Alexander
Deacon, Daryl20DOLLAR COLLAR - 2018 f b by Kingston Hill (GB) - Another Dollar
Bree (F) - RED,green sash; red sleeves; red cap
Deacon, Daryl
Gleeson, John F.21DOYEN TO TELL - 2018 f b by Doyen - Western Queen
Scarteen (F) - EMERALD GREEN,white hoop; emerald green sleeves; emerald green cap,white diamonds
Gleeson, John F.
Condon, James22FAIRLY COOL - 2018 f gr by Fairly Ransom (USA) - Wood Road
Clonmel (H) - RED,emerald green sash; white sleeves; emerald green cap
Condon, James
Cobajay Syndicate23FINE AS WINE - 2018 f b by Soldier of Fortune - Kris Krystal
Carlow Farmers (F) - BLACK,red hoop; black sleeves; red cap
Fitzgerald, Aidan
Ryan, Gillian24IVY HALL - 2018 f b by Court Cave - Revolutionary Lady
North Tipperary (F) - MAROON; pink sleeves; maroon & white qtd cap
Ryan, John Patrick
Goff, Caitriona25LADY CORRIB - 2018 f ch by Sepoy (AUS) - Zamani
Island (F) - PURPLE & YELLOW DIAMONDS; purple sleeves; purple cap,yellow diamond
Goff, Michael
Blackhall Stables Partnership26LINDA'S LASHES (FR) - 2016 f br by Linda's Lad (GB) - Trofee Dore (FR)
Bree (F) - BLACK,orange sash; black sleeves; white cap,orange star
Pierce, Paul Martin
O'Mahony, Bernard27LUCKY MAHLER - 2015 f b by Mahler (GB) - Knuckahaduve
Killeady (H) - EMERALD GREEN,white panel; emerald green & white striped sleeves; emerald green cap
Hurley, Raymond
Gaynestown Stud Partnership28MARTHA'S MAHLER - 2018 f ch by Mahler (GB) - Blast You Johnny
Killinick (H) - DARK BLUE,light blue diabolo; dark blue & light blue striped sleeves; dark blue & light blue check cap
Fogarty, Jonathan M.
Monbeg Farm Racing Partnership29MISS FLEM - 2018 f b by Flemensfirth (USA) - Misspublican
Island (F) - BLACK,emerald green epaulettes; black & emerald green hooped sleeves; black & emerald green hooped cap
Doyle, Cormac
Doyle, G.M.30MOUNTAIN MISS - 2017 f b by Mahler (GB) - Dolphins View
Wexford (F) - GREY; wine sleeves; wine cap,grey hoop
Doyle, G.M.
O'Brien, Daniel Joseph31MY BEST VALENTINE - 2018 f b by Malinas (GER) - Was My Valentine (GB)
West Waterford (F) - DARK GREEN,white hoop; dark green & white hooped sleeves; red cap
Aherne, Garry
McGrath, Helaine32NOTALOSSLA - 2016 f b by Sholokhov - Dixie Chick
West Waterford (F) - RED; royal blue sleeves; royal blue cap,red diamonds
Motherway, Colin
Murphy, Denis Paul33PARADISSIMA (FR) - 2018 f b by No Risk At All (FR) - Taradissima Has (FR)
Ballinagore (H) - ORANGE,white epaulettes; white sleeves; orange cap,white star
Murphy, Denis Paul
Walsh, John Edward34RATTLING ROSE - 2018 f b by Yeats - Under A Charm
Shillelagh & District (F) - YELLOW,black sash; black sleeves; black cap,yellow star
Walsh, John Edward
Hogan, Miss Sarah35RESTLESS LADY - 2018 f b by Sageburg - Alluisch
Co.Galway(F) - BLACK; pink sleeves; green cap
Lee, Norman
Kelleher, Niall36SANS FUCHSIA - 2018 f ch by Sans Frontieres - Wild Fuchsia
Muskerry (F) - RED,green cross belts; green sleeves; blue cap
Kelleher, Niall
Murphy, William P.37SAPHIRE SAVIOUR - 2017 f b by Shantou (USA) - Glen Supreme
Carlow Farmers (F) - LIGHT BLUE,white cross belts; light blue sleeves; light blue & white hooped cap
Murphy, William P.
Curling, Sam38SARAH BEARA - 2018 f b by Westerner (GB) - Pollys Deep Ocean
Tipperary (F) - NAVY & GREY CHECK; navy & grey check sleeves; white cap
Curling, Sam
O'Connor, Charles J.39SISTER MARGUERITE - 2018 f b by Dylan Thomas - Long Walk Home
Duhallow (F) - EMERALD GREEN,black chevron; emerald green & black hooped sleeves; emerald green cap,black spots
O'Connor, Turlough
Flood, Francis J.40SPANISH MAID - 2018 f b by Workforce (GB) - Maid For Money
Kildare (F) - WHITE,red large spots; white sleeves; red cap
Flood, Francis J.
Dunne, Richard41THEBLAZEN QUEEN - 2018 f ch by Soldier of Fortune - Mullagh Abu
Laois (F) - RED & YELLOW DIAMONDS; red sleeves; red & yellow qtd cap
Quigley, M.O.
Brennan, Marie42YELLOWSTONEEMPRESS - 2018 f b by Laverock - Bold Empress
Island (F) - GREEN; green sleeves,yellow seams; yellow cap
Brennan, J.P.
O'Brien, Shane43YOUGOINGFORONE - 2018 f b by Ol' Man River - Midnight Insanity
Dungarvan (F) - BLACK,red stars; red sleeves,black stars; black cap,red star
O'Brien, Shane

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