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28/04/19 - MEATH (F) & TARA (H)

Maiden Race For 5-Y-O & Upwards Mares
Milestone Racing Partnership1FRILLY FROCK - 2014 f b by Mahler (GB) - Killoughey Baby
Bree (F) - BLACK; green cap
Bowe, Colin **
Milestone Racing Partnership2KATES LANE - 2014 f b by Scorpion - Copper Magic
Bree (F) - BLACK; green cap
Bowe, Colin **
Milestone Racing Partnership3OSCAR BONNIE - 2012 f b by Oscar - Bonne Inagh
Co.Limerick (F) - BLACK; green cap
Bowe, Colin **
Kenny, Brian4ALICE O'BYRNE - 2014 f b by Vinnie Roe - De Verdict
Bree (F) - BLUE & SCARLET HOOPS; blue & scarlet hooped sleeves; blue & scarlet hooped cap
Bowe, Colin
Fitzpatrick, Mary F.5QUIVVY LOUGH - 2014 f b by Court Cave - Quivvy Bridge
Bree (F) - DARK BLUE,white chevron; dark blue sleeves,white chevrons; white cap
Bowe, Colin
Monaghan, Michael E.6FIND IT NOW - 2014 f b by Getaway (GER) - Lady Velvet
Carlow Farmers (F) - PINK,dark blue seams; pink sleeves,dark blue stars; pink cap,dark blue star
Fitzgerald, Aidan
Daly, Ashling7HOUR BEFORE DAWN (GB) - 2014 f b by Yeats - Nile Cristale (FR)
Carlow Farmers (F) - PINK,black stars; pink sleeves; black cap
Fitzgerald, Aidan
Murtagh, Mrs. Paul8MIND THE MEMORIES - 2013 f b by Doyen - Loves A Pleasure
Westmeath (H) - LIGHT BLUE,royal blue hoop; light blue & royal blue hooped sleeves; light blue & royal blue hooped cap
Murray, Adrian
Henry, Thomas9WRANGLE - 2014 f b by Campaign Swing - Geraldine's Pet
Longford (H) - YELLOW,pink sash; yellow sleeves; yellow & pink qtd cap
Murray, Adrian
Burke, Edmond10HIGH DAISY - 2013 f ch by Where Or When - Ivys Perk
Westmeath (H) - EMERALD GREEN,white diamond; emerald green sleeves; royal blue & white striped cap
Ross, William
Maxwell, Alan11I WILL WALK - 2013 f ch by Doyen - Ranahinch Native
Westmeath (H) - YELLOW,green hoop; yellow sleeves; yellow & green hooped cap
Ross, William
Ryan, Kieran12ARCADE MOLLY - 2014 f b by Arcadio (GER) - Miss Molly Malone
Ward Union (S) - BROWN; pink sleeves; white cap,brown spots
Rooney, Patrick
Ross, Mrs John B.13AWEEMINIT - 2014 f b by Arcadio (GER) - Campanella (GER)
East Antrim (H) - YELLOW,black diamond; yellow sleeves; black cap
Ross, Mrs John B.
O'Driscoll, Catherine14BELLA BALLERINA - 2014 f b by Yeats - The Real Athlete
Killeady (H) - RED & YELLOW CHECK; red sleeves; yellow cap
Tyner, Robert
Sheehy, Maurice15BITOFALRIGHT - 2013 f b by Robin des Champs (FR) - All The Best Mate
Bray (H) - YELLOW,green chevron; yellow sleeves; yellow & green qtd cap
Croke, Peter
Murdoch, James16DILLY FILLY - 2014 f b by Stowaway (GB) - Blueberry Bramble
North Down (F) - ROYAL BLUE,white hoop; royal blue sleeves,white armlet; white cap,royal blue diamond
McBratney, C.A.
Pearson, Andrew S.17DOUBLE SMART - 2012 f b by Flemensfirth (USA) - Another Present
North Down (F) - YELLOW,red seams; yellow sleeves,red diabolo; yellow & red qtd cap
Stewart, George
Hamilton, E.18DRUMREAGH - 2014 f b by Court Cave - Mollyash
East Antrim (H) - PURPLE,red star; purple sleeves; purple cap,red star
Crawford, S.R.B.
Treacy, W.F.19FOX CREEK - 2014 f b by Arcadio (GER) - Dontcallerthat
Tipperary (F) - WHITE,royal blue chevron; royal blue sleeves; white & royal blue striped cap
Treacy, W.F.
Craig, Willie20FYFIN PATSY - 2014 f b by September Storm (GER) - Poshly Presented
Tynan & Armagh (F) - WHITE & BLUE STRIPES; white & blue hlvd sleeves; white & blue striped cap
Torrens, Mervyn
Urban & Rural Boys Syndicate21GOATITAGAIN - 2013 f br by Flemensfirth (USA) - Feast Or Famine
Ward Union (S) - ROYAL BLUE & YELLOW CHECK; royal blue sleeves; yellow & royal blue hooped cap
Coyle, Thomas
Brennan, Marie22GOLDEN ROBIN - 2014 f br by Robin des Champs (FR) - Countess Eileen
Island (F) - GREEN; green sleeves,yellow seams; yellow cap
Brennan, J.P.
Carson, Gary23MAMASLITTLESTAR - 2014 f b by Stowaway (GB) - Celestial Silver
Kildare (F) - YELLOW & RED QTD; yellow sleeves; white cap
Carson, Gary
Murphy, John Paul24MAMMOTH - 2014 f b by Court Cave - Mooneys Valley
Wexford (F) - EMERALD GREEN,white sash; emerald green sleeves; black cap,green star
Black, Richard
Sheridan, Evelyn Ann25NICKLASS - 2014 f ch by Shantou (USA) - Maidrin Rua
Bree (F) - YELLOW,emerald green epaulettes; yellow sleeves; white cap,yellow star
Doyle, Sean Thomas
Dewhurst, Gemma26NINETEENSIXTEEN - 2011 f b by Oscar - Like A Dream
Westmeath (F) - EMERALD GREEN & BLACK HLVD; one emerald green, one black sleeve; emerald green cap
Dewhurst, Gemma
McGeough, Thomas27RACEY RITA - 2014 f b by September Storm (GER) - Bosanova Girl
Louth (F) - RED; black sleeves; black & white hooped cap
McGeough, Thomas
Knockalough Syndicate28RADDLE AND HUM - 2014 f b by Milan (GB) - Gaybric
Fingal (H) - ROYAL BLUE,yellow diabolo; yellow sleeves; yellow cap
Dreaper, J.T.R.
McCooey, Rhona C.29SCOTCH WHISPER - 2014 f b by Robin des Pres (FR) - Clan Music
Kilkenny(F) - MACKENZIE TARTAN; white sleeves; white cap
Cody, Ray P.
Falcon Four Syndicate30SPRINGFIELD LODGE - 2013 f b by Scorpion - Carey's Lodge
Duhallow (F) - BEIGE,black epaulettes; beige sleeves,black chevrons; beige & black hooped cap
O'Grady, Eoghan
Curling, Sam31SWISS BRID - 2014 f b by Getaway (GER) - Swiss Hall
Tipperary (F) - NAVY & GREY CHECK; navy & grey check sleeves; white cap
Curling, Sam
Deegan, Anthony32TONI'S OSCAR - 2014 f b by Oscar - Whizz (GB)
Shillelagh & District (F) - ROYAL BLUE,yellow chevron; royal blue sleeves,yellow seams; royal blue & yellow qtd cap
Doyle, Cormac

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