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28/04/19 - MEATH (F) & TARA (H)

Maiden Race For 4-Y-O Mares
Baltimore Stables Syndicate1METHODTOTHEMAGIC - 2015 f b by Sans Frontieres - Cindy's Fancy
Ballinagore (H) - PURPLE,white seams; purple & white striped sleeves; purple cap,white stars
Doyle, Mary E. **
Baltimore Stables Syndicate2VEDA'S STAR - 2015 f b by Getaway (GER) - Star Sprinkled Sky
Ballinagore (H) - PURPLE,white seams; purple & white striped sleeves; purple cap,white stars
Doyle, Mary E. **
Ewing, Warren3ALL ROCKED UP - 2015 f ch by Dylan Thomas - Far Rock
East Antrim (H) - PINK & YELLOW CHECK; pink sleeves; yellow cap
Ewing, Warren **
Ewing, Warren4BOLD PEARL - 2015 f br by Califet (FR) - Lady Singspiel
East Antrim (H) - PINK & YELLOW CHECK; pink sleeves; yellow cap
Ewing, Warren **
Ewing, Warren5GIN ON THE ROCKS - 2015 f b by Clodovil - Rock Gossip
East Antrim (H) - PINK & YELLOW CHECK; pink sleeves; yellow cap
Ewing, Warren **
O'Neill, S.6LADY PLUMETTE - 2015 f br by Saint des Saints (FR) - Muance (FR)
Bree (F) - BLACK; yellow sleeves; emerald green cap,pink star
Bowe, Colin
Taylor, Douglas7OVERNIGHT SUCCESS - 2015 f b by Jeremy (USA) - Dun Dun
Bree (F) - DARK BLUE; white sleeves,dark blue diabolo; dark blue cap
Bowe, Colin
Milestone Racing Partnership8TICKET TO L A - 2015 f b by Westerner (GB) - In Bloom
Bree (F) - BLACK; green cap
Bowe, Colin
J. & S. Wenman9BIT ON THE SIDE - 2015 f b by Presenting (GB) - Tara Rose (GB)
Coolnakilla (H) - EMERALD GREEN & YELLOW DIAMONDS; white sleeves; white cap
Cashman, P.
Cashman, Catherine10CALL ME MERRY - 2015 f b by Sholokhov - Merry Queen
Coolnakilla (H) - ROYAL BLUE,beige hoop; beige sleeves; royal blue & beige hooped cap
Cashman, P.
Blessmefatherihave Syndicate11GETASAY - 2015 f b by Getaway (GER) - Some Say
Iveagh (H) - PURPLE,red triple diamond; light green sleeves,yellow armlet; orange & red hooped cap
Cosgrave, J.G.
Carnglave Racing12WATERMELONWYN - 2015 f b by Ask (GB) - Prunelle (GER)
Iveagh (H) - PINK; blue sleeves; pink & blue striped cap
Cosgrave, J.G.
Gigginstown House Stud13BETH HORAN - 2015 f b by Yeats - Back And Fore
Westmeath (F) - MAROON,white star; maroon sleeves,white armlet; maroon cap,white star
Doyle, P.M.J.
Doyle, Mary14CRESSWELL QUEEN (GB) - 2015 f b by Brian Boru (GB) - Cresswell Willow
Tipperary (F) - PURPLE,yellow diamond; purple sleeves; red cap
Doyle, P.M.J.
Reddan, Denis J.15APRILS JOY - 2015 f b by Ask (GB) - Winning Jenny
Meath (F) - RED,yellow spots; red sleeves; yellow cap
Martin, A.J.
Nash, James M.16TOOR MOMENT - 2015 f br by Barely A Moment (AUS) - Anseo Agus Ansuid
Meath (F) - WHITE,dark green star; white sleeves,dark green stars; dark green cap
Martin, A.J.
Murphy, Denis Paul17ALPHA CARINAE - 2015 f ch by Robin des Champs (FR) - Annas Present
Ballinagore (H) - ORANGE,white epaulettes; white sleeves; orange cap,white star
Murphy, Denis Paul
Collins, Patrick David18AT FIRST GLANCE - 2015 f b by Stowaway (GB) - Mazza's Magic
Killeagh (H) - WHITE,red seams; white sleeves; red & white qtd cap
Collins, M.P.
Morgan, Dermot19BABY SIOUX - 2015 f b by Mustameet (USA) - Sioux Falls
Kilkenny(F) - BLACK,red sash; emerald green sleeves,yellow stars; yellow cap,emerald green stars
Sheehy, E.
Kinch, Gavan20BROWN BULLET - 2015 f b by Arcadio (GER) - Barrack Buster (GB)
Island (F) - ROYAL BLUE,white large spots; royal blue & white striped sleeves; royal blue cap,white spots
Brennan, Darragh
Treehouse Stables Partnership21CALLE MALVA - 2015 f b by Getaway (GER) - Waydale Hill (GB)
Kildare (F) - ROYAL BLUE,orange chevron; white sleeves; royal blue cap,orange star
Donoghue, Alan
Cobajay Syndicate22DAME DE RUBAN (FR) - 2015 f gr by Turgeon (USA) - Land Of Soprani (FR)
Carlow Farmers (F) - BLACK,red hoop; black sleeves; red cap
Fitzgerald, Aidan
Monbeg Syndicate23GET IN ROBIN - 2015 f ch by Robin des Champs (FR) - Get In There
Ballinagore (H) - EMERALD GREEN,orange spots; white sleeves,orange spots; emerald green cap
Doyle, Donnchadh
McCarthy, Nicki24I'LL BE THAT LADY - 2015 f b by Mahler (GB) - Jemima Jones
Kildare (F) - YELLOW,royal blue chevrons; yellow sleeves,royal blue chevrons; royal blue cap
McCarthy, Ian
Chamney, Henry25IMITATION GAME (FR) - 2015 f b by Spanish Moon (USA) - Hotel California (FR)
Ballinagore (H) - WHITE & EMERALD GREEN HLVD; emerald green sleeves; light blue cap
Black, Richard
Gahan, Liam26JIGGY WITH IT - 2015 f ch by Sholokhov - Mountain Heather
Island (F) - GREEN; brown sleeves; green cap,brown hoop
Gahan, Billy
Kennedy, Mrs A.J.27LADY KK - 2015 f br by Shirocco (GER) - Lissard Lady
Tipperary (F) - BLACK,white diamond; white sleeves; red cap
Kennedy, A.J.
Pierce, Andrew28MISS MONDITO - 2015 f ch by Shirocco (GER) - Lillies Bordello
Bree (F) - BLACK,orange sash; black sleeves; white cap,orange star
Pierce, Paul Martin
Porter, W.G.R.29MISSUSMUMAGUM - 2015 f b by Darsi (FR) - Rapsan
Shillelagh & District (F) - MAUVE,pink star; mauve sleeves; pink cap
Nolan, David
Dunne, Harley D.30MOVES LIKE MADONNA - 2015 f ch by Imperial Monarch - Millstream Express
Island (F) - RED; red sleeves,black stars; red cap,black star
Kenny, Liam
Bates, William31NOREEN BAWN - 2015 f b by Jeremy (USA) - Rose N Alice
Killinick (H) - DARK BLUE; dark blue sleeves,pink stars; dark blue cap,pink star
Jordan, Brian
Gault, John James32OLDTOWN ANNIE - 2015 f b br by Windsor Knot - Oscartrainer
Mid-Antrim (H) - WHITE,black sash; white sleeves; white cap
Gault, John James
Shaw, Manda J.33TEMPLE HALL TANGO - 2015 f ch by Getaway (GER) - Tiffin Jo
East Antrim (H) - NAVY,orange star; navy sleeves,orange armlet; navy cap,orange star
Crawford, S.R.B.
Earls, John34ZALIKA - 2015 f b by Shirocco (GER) - Attymon Lill
Westmeath (F) - MAROON,yellow star; maroon & yellow hooped sleeves; yellow cap
Murphy, Ciaran M.

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