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Maiden Race For 5-Y-O Geldings
Milestone Racing Partnership1BOLEY BAY - 2015 g b by Yeats - Print It On Lips
Bree (F) - BLACK; green cap
Bowe, Colin **
Milestone Racing Partnership2GETAWAY LODGE - 2015 g b by Getaway (GER) - Olde Faithful
Bree (F) - BLACK; green cap
Bowe, Colin **
Milestone Racing Partnership3PAY THE PIPER - 2015 g b by Court Cave - Regal Holly (GB)
Bree (F) - BLACK; green cap
Bowe, Colin **
Milestone Racing Partnership4SEMPIONE PARK - 2015 g b by Milan (GB) - Cashalass
Bree (F) - BLACK; green cap
Bowe, Colin **
Monbeg Syndicate5FLAME BEARER - 2015 g b by Fame And Glory (GB) - Banba
Tipperary (F) - EMERALD GREEN,orange spots; white sleeves,orange spots; emerald green cap
Doyle, Donnchadh **
Monbeg Syndicate6PRESENTING JEREMY - 2015 g b by Jeremy (USA) - Present Company
Ballinagore (H) - EMERALD GREEN,orange spots; white sleeves,orange spots; emerald green cap
Doyle, Donnchadh **
Turner, Mary7BALLYGRIFINCOTTAGE - 2015 g b by Stowaway (GB) - Long Long Time
Duhallow (F) - YELLOW,light blue hoop; yellow sleeves,light blue armlet; yellow & light blue striped cap
Harding, Miss M.
Griffin, Jack F.8WHISKEY FOR JACK - 2015 g b by Westerner (GB) - Miss Brownstown
South Union (F) - RED,green chevron; red sleeves; red & blue hooped cap
Harding, Miss M.
Bleahen, Hugh9BROOK STREET - 2015 g b by Morozov (USA) - Lithai
Ormond (F) - DARK BLUE & LIGHT BLUE CHECK; light blue sleeves; red cap
Hogan, Denis Gerard
Hogan, M.G.10FANION LIBRE (FR) - 2015 g gr by Blek (FR) - Nuance De Cotte (FR)
Ormond (F) - WHITE,royal blue stars; white sleeves,royal blue armlet; white cap,royal blue star
Hogan, Denis Gerard
Ward, Michael J.11CREGGSMAN - 2015 g b by Yeats - Stilo Some Day
Co.Galway(F) - LIGHT BLUE,pink spots; pink sleeves; light blue cap,pink spots
Neilan, John
Neilan, Liam12HEATHER ROCCO - 2015 g ch by Shirocco (GER) - Liss A Chara
Co.Galway(F) - ROYAL BLUE; red & white qtd cap
Neilan, John
Baltimore Stables Syndicate13AKI BOMAYE - 2015 g gr by Stowaway (GB) - Line Grey (FR)
Ballinagore (H) - PURPLE,white seams; purple & white striped sleeves; purple cap,white stars
Doyle, Mary E.
All the Hens Syndicate14BECAUSE I CAN - 2015 g b by Lovelace (GB) - Melisasofia
Killeady (H) - RED,yellow cross of lorraine; red sleeves; yellow cap
Tyner, Robert
Flavin, Carmel15BETTER THAN HEAVEN - 2015 g b by Windsor Knot - Sandra Anne
Waterford (F) - ROYAL BLUE,white star; royal blue sleeves,white armlet; royal blue cap,white star
Flavin, J.P.
Cullinane, M.O.16BLOWING AWAY - 2015 g gr by September Storm (GER) - Fooling Around
United Hunt (F) - MAROON,white triple diamond; maroon sleeves; maroon & white striped cap
Mangan, James Joseph
English, Shirley A.17BOURBON STREET - 2015 g b by Oscar - Back To Loughadera
Bree (F) - PINK,purple seams; pink sleeves; pink cap,purple star
O'Brien, David M.
Tucker, Martin18CAPTAIN CLIPPO - 2015 g ch by Golden Lariat (USA) - Rose of Taipan
Muskerry (F) - LIGHT GREEN; maroon sleeves; maroon cap
Hartnett, Debbie
Brennan, David19CHANGE HILL - 2015 g ch by Haatef (USA) - Stoneacre Baby (USA)
Carbery (F) - YELLOW & PURPLE CHECK; purple sleeves; purple & yellow check cap
Ryan, Eamonn
Kennedy, Michael G.20CLAY ROGERS - 2015 g b by Imperial Monarch - Fly Bid
Carbery (F) - YELLOW,red star; yellow sleeves,red stars; red cap
Kennedy, Michael G.
Walsh, Irene T.21CLOUDY TUESDAY - 2015 g b by Cloudings - Hansel Monday
Derrygallon (H) - RED; red sleeves,white diabolo; red & white qtd cap
O'Connor, Turlough
Palmer, John22CONSTANT FRIDAY - 2015 g gr by Mahler (GB) - Mattys Joy
Clonmel Premier (H) - RED,green star; red sleeves,green stars; red cap,green stars
Kelly, David Harry
Cashman, Catherine23GOLDEN ROC - 2015 g b by Shirocco (GER) - Sovereign Lass
Coolnakilla (H) - ROYAL BLUE,beige hoop; beige sleeves; royal blue & beige hooped cap
Cashman, P.
Griffin, Kay24MOOT COURT - 2015 g b by Court Cave - Leney Dancer
United Hunt (F) - GREEN,gold sash; green sleeves; black cap
Griffin, Michael C.
Madden, John J.25MR HARTIGAN - 2015 g b by Mountain High - Lemmond Lady
Co.Clare (H) - RED; emerald green sleeves; red & white qtd cap
O'Connor, Paurick
Keating, Tom26RADETZKY MARCH - 2015 g b by Imperial Monarch - Madgehil
Clonmel Premier (H) - EMERALD GREEN,orange chevrons; emerald green sleeves; black cap
Keating, Tom
Costello, Claire27STORM LORENZO - 2015 g ch by Doyen - Gallant Express
Co.Galway(F) - YELLOW,blue hoop; yellow & blue hooped sleeves; yellow cap,blue stars
Costello, Thomas S.
Casey, Frank28SUNNYVILLA - 2015 g b by Mustameet (USA) - Shenamar
Co.Clare (H) - BLUE,yellow diamond; blue sleeves,yellow diabolo; blue cap,yellow star
Hassett, Donal
Pierce, Andrew29THE BIG STOWAWAY - 2015 g b by Stowaway (GB) - Gleanntan
Bree (F) - BLACK,orange sash; black sleeves; white cap,orange star
Pierce, Paul Martin
McEnery, John E.30THE GOSSIPER - 2015 g b by Dylan Thomas - Princess Nina
Kilkenny(F) - YELLOW; yellow & royal blue check sleeves; yellow & royal blue check cap
Curling, Sam
Singleton, Tomas31THE LYING KING - 2015 g b by Court Cave - Cailin Gruaig Dubh
Duhallow (F) - BLACK & YELLOW QTD; black & yellow hlvd sleeves; black & yellow check cap
O'Sullivan, Eugene M.
Casey, Lorna32USEITORLOOSEIT - 2015 g b by Elusive Pimpernel (USA) - Terme Cay (USA)
Co.Clare (H) - EMERALD GREEN,black sash; black sleeves; emerald green cap,black star
Twomey, Fachtna
Collins, Patrick David33WEST OF CENTRE (GB) - 2015 g b by Westerner (GB) - Flutter Bye
United Hunt (F) - WHITE,red seams; white sleeves; red & white qtd cap
Collins, M.P.
Moore, Mrs. A.L.T.34WRIGGOLETTO - 2015 g b by Milan (GB) - No Time For Tears
Wexford (F) - MAROON & WHITE STRIPES; maroon & white striped sleeves; emerald green & grey qtd cap
Power, Pierce Michael

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