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Maiden Race For 4-Y-O Geldings
Goff, Caitriona1DARING PLAN - 2018 g b by Mount Nelson (GB) - Pocket Call
Island (F) - PURPLE & YELLOW DIAMONDS; purple sleeves; purple cap,yellow diamond
Goff, Michael **
Goff, Caitriona2GEORGIE BURGESS - 2018 g b by Vendangeur - Simply Sophia
Island (F) - PURPLE & YELLOW DIAMONDS; purple sleeves; purple cap,yellow diamond
Goff, Michael **
Mahon, Oisin3DRUMCLIFF BAY - 2018 g b by Yeats - Park Mist
Muskerry (F) - DARK GREEN & RED HOOPS; dark green sleeves,red stars; red cap
Murphy, John Joseph **
Mahon, Oisin4SYRACUS DU HOUX (FR) - 2018 g gr by Al Namix (FR) - Theza Bere (FR)
Muskerry (F) - DARK GREEN & RED HOOPS; dark green sleeves,red stars; red cap
Murphy, John Joseph **
McGuinness, Alana Jane5MON LOULOU (FR) - 2018 g b by Montmartre (FR) - Creole Beach (FR)
Ward Union (S) - DARK BLUE,white diabolo; dark blue sleeves,white diabolo; dark blue cap,white diamond
Donoghue, Ian Patrick **
McGuinness, Alana Jane6WHATS THE SOLUTION - 2018 g ch by Beat Hollow (GB) - Solution Set
Ward Union (S) - DARK BLUE,white diabolo; dark blue sleeves,white diabolo; dark blue cap,white diamond
Donoghue, Ian Patrick **
Sweetnam, Alfred7ASK THE EXPERT - 2018 g b by Ask (GB) - Lady Emilly
Tipperary (F) - RED,white sash; royal blue sleeves,white stars; red cap,royal blue star
Curling, Sam
Hyde, Mrs. T8LORD OF THUNDER - 2018 g br by Getaway (GER) - Harbour Mistress
Tipperary (F) - YELLOW,black sash; yellow sleeves; yellow & black striped cap
Curling, Sam
Quirk, Gerard9ROBIN FLOWER - 2018 g b by Dylan Thomas - Becky Thatcher
Tipperary (F) - SALMON PINK,dark green hoop; salmon pink sleeves,dark green armlet; salmon pink cap,dark green hoop
Curling, Sam
Parkhill, Kenneth10CICERO GRIMES - 2018 g b by Mount Nelson (GB) - Victorine
Golden Vale (F) - LIGHT BLUE,black hoop; light blue sleeves,black armlet; light blue cap,black spots
Doyle, P.M.J.
Doyle, Mary11ILLOGICAL LOGIC (FR) - 2018 g ch by Coastal Path (GB) - Vierge Sainte (FR)
Golden Vale (F) - PURPLE,yellow diamond; purple sleeves; red cap
Doyle, P.M.J.
O'Connor, M.J.12ATTABOYDYLAN - 2018 g br by Malinas (GER) - Make It Better
Doneraile (H) - ROYAL BLUE; royal blue sleeves,white stars; white cap
O'Connor, M.J.
Ballymaglassan Farm Partnership13BACKBYJET - 2018 g b by Jet Away (GB) - Bonny Blackdoe
Ward Union (S) - DARK GREEN,maroon stars; dark green sleeves; dark green cap,maroon star
Ward, V.C.
Mullins, Margaret14BACKTONORMAL - 2018 g b br by Milan (GB) - Inchiquin High
Kilkenny(F) - ROYAL BLUE; yellow sleeves; royal blue cap,red star
Mullins, Margaret
Griffin, Kay15BITSNBUCKLES - 2018 g b by Well Chosen (GB) - Smart Annie
United Hunt (F) - GREEN,gold sash; green sleeves; black cap
Griffin, Michael C.
O'Sullivan, Paul16BORN BRAVER - 2018 g b by Court Cave - Born Noble
Fingal (H) - EMERALD GREEN,yellow sash; yellow sleeves; green cap
O'Connell, Claire
Austin Fanning & Eclipse Bloodstock17BUNDIOCCO - 2018 g b by Shirocco (GER) - Petrovic
Bray (H) - PINK,black epaulettes; pink & black hlvd sleeves; pink & black striped cap
Black, Richard
Hurley, Johnny C.18CAN DADDY DANCE - 2018 g b by Mahler (GB) - Kadalville (FR)
Killeagh (H) - DARK BLUE,beige cross belts; dark blue & beige hooped sleeves; dark blue & beige hooped cap
Hurley, Johnny C.
Hickey, Roisin19CHAMPAGNE AVENUE - 2018 g b by Champs Elysees (GB) - Rossa Parks
Tipperary (F) - ROYAL BLUE & RED QTD; royal blue & red hlvd sleeves; red cap
Hickey, Roisin
Coffey, Donal20CHOOSE A COPPER - 2018 g b by Well Chosen (GB) - Printing Copper
United Hunt (F) - RED,emerald green cross of lorraine; red sleeves; red cap
Coffey, Donal
Gaynestown Stud Partnership21DENEMETHY - 2018 g b by Flemensfirth (USA) - Ute Antique (FR)
Killinick (H) - DARK BLUE,light blue diabolo; dark blue & light blue striped sleeves; dark blue & light blue check cap
Fogarty, Jonathan M.
McCarthy, Mrs B.22FOUNTAIN HOUSE - 2018 g b by Lucky Speed - Cabra Cruizor
Co.Clare (H) - PINK; brown cap
McCarthy, Brian
Redbridge Stables23FREE THE LION - 2018 g b by Let The Lion Roar (GB) - Chocolate Silk
Killinick (H) - RED & WHITE QTD; white sleeves; red & royal blue check cap
Murphy, Michael R.
Costello, Thomas S.24ILLEGAL D'AINAY (FR) - 2018 g gr by Montmartre (FR) - Torpille D'ainay (FR)
Co.Galway(F) - YELLOW,royal blue hoop; yellow sleeves,royal blue armlet; black & blue qtd cap
Costello, Thomas S.
Connors, Sean25INDIAN LOUIS - 2018 g b by Mahler (GB) - Indian Fairy
Tipperary (F) - EMERALD GREEN,orange disc; white sleeves; orange cap
Barry, Donal
Howitt, Glen26INSOUCIANT DALLIER (FR) - 2018 g b by Cokoriko (FR) - Voix Du Mont (FR)
Killinick (H) - EMERALD GREEN,white disc; emerald green sleeves,white seams; emerald green & white qtd cap
Doyle, Liz
O'Loughlin, Gearóid27NATIVE SPEAKER - 2018 g b by Court Cave - Odonimee
Island (F) - WHITE,black disc; white sleeves,black spots; white cap,black spots
O'Loughlin, Gearóid
Kinch, Gavan28NEW ORDER - 2018 g b by Yeats - Ballylough Lady
Island (F) - ROYAL BLUE,white large spots; royal blue & white striped sleeves; royal blue cap,white spots
Kenny, Liam
Collins, Brian29NOTARAZOO - 2018 g b by Mahler (GB) - Onest (GB)
Stonehall (H) - ROYAL BLUE,yellow epaulettes; yellow sleeves,royal blue spots; yellow cap
McNamara, Eric
Turlough O'Connor & Redmond O'Beirne30NOTNOW AVA - 2018 g ch by Notnowcato (GB) - Sweetbriar Rose
Duhallow (F) - RED; red sleeves,white diabolo; red & white qtd cap
O'Connor, Turlough
Steeplechasers Club31PARK THE GIANT - 2018 g b by Walk In The Park - Taleia (GER)
Avondhu (F) - WHITE & BLACK HOOPS; white & black check sleeves; white & black check cap
Fenton, Philip
Kennedy, Michael G.32RIVER VOYAGE - 2018 g b by Ol' Man River - Khazaria (FR)
Carbery (F) - ROYAL BLUE,beige seams; royal blue & beige hlvd sleeves; royal blue cap,beige stars
Kennedy, Michael G.
Molony, Peter33ROCKSTOWN NATIVE - 2018 g b by Califet (FR) - Pandalute
Co.Clare (H) - YELLOW; yellow sleeves; white cap
O'Connor, Paurick
Conroy, John Michael34SEQUESTERED - 2018 g b by Malinas (GER) - Glenelly Caoimhe
Ormond (F) - WHITE & BLACK CHECK; white sleeves,black seams; black cap,white diamond
Flynn, Leonard Paul
Cashman, Catherine35TELL ME AGAIN - 2018 g b by Robin des Champs (FR) - Goldacava
Coolnakilla (H) - ROYAL BLUE,beige hoop; beige sleeves; royal blue & beige hooped cap
Cashman, P.
Glynn, Noel F.36TWOPLACESATONETIME - 2018 g br by Sageburg - Damango
Co.Clare (H) - WHITE,light blue sash; white sleeves; brown cap
Glynn, Noel F.
Purcell, Kieran37WINDGAP HILL - 2018 g gr by Kingston Hill (GB) - Grannys Kitchen
Galtee (H) - WHITE,red stars; red sleeves; white & red check cap
Purcell, Kieran
Carey, Darren Henry38WOODIE FLASH - 2018 g b by Leading Light - Lady Em
Waterford (F) - GREEN,orange stars; orange sleeves; green cap,orange star
Connors, Rosemary
Hayes, Donal39ZMIINYI - 2018 g b by Soldier of Fortune - Whisper Rock
Avondhu (F) - ROYAL BLUE & EMERALD GREEN HOOPS; black sleeves; black cap
Harding, Miss M.

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