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Turf Club announce 2013 Integrity Racing Statistics

The Turf Club today, Monday, 3rd February 2014, announced its Integrity Racing Statistics for 2013. The statistics cover stewards’ enquiries, appeal and referral hearings, drug/alcohol testing of riders, drug testing of horses, licences issued, non-runners, medical statistics, handicap ratings and off-times.

The key statistics are as follows:-

  • Penalties for careless riding decreased by 46% to 81  
  • Penalties for whip offences decreased by 40% to 140  
  • 48 penalties were imposed for rule breaches relating to riders weighing in/out  
  • The Appeals Body and Referrals Committee dealt with 55 cases consisting of 16 appeals and 39 referrals.  25% of appeals were successful.  
  • 165 riders were drug tested and four samples were confirmed as positive, the substances found were Ecstasy, Amphetamine, Furosemide and Prednisolone  
  • 900 riders were breath tested – all results were negative  
  • 3,207 horses were tested for prohibited substances and there was one positive result
  • 283 testing in training samples were analysed – all were negative  
  • 44 apprentices were licensed.  This was the lowest number of licenses issued in the past 10 years  
  • 418 qualified rider’s permits were issued.  This was the lowest number of licenses issued in recent times  
  • The number of licenses issued to trainers and restricted trainers continues to fall with trainers’ licenses down by 3.5% and restricted trainers’ licenses down by 7%  
  • The injury rate per ride in flat and national hunt racing increased to 0.19% and 1.01% respectively

Commenting on the figures, Turf Club Chief Executive Denis Egan said that “it was pleasing to note the decrease in the number of careless riding penalties to its lowest level in recent years.  The number of whip penalties also decreased which was due to the introduction of new whip rules during 2012. The number of penalties imposed is at its lowest level since 2004.  The increase in penalties to riders for weighing in/out infringements related to breaches of the new rules which were introduced in 2013”.

In relation to the reduction in the number of apprentice licenses issued, Denis Egan said “this is very worrying”.  He said that “the number of apprentices indentured for the first time at 11 was the lowest number since 2006 and none of the RACE pupils who graduated in 2013 have yet signed on as apprentices.  With regard to the reduction in the number of qualified riders permits issued, he said that “this is due to a stricter criteria being applied with regard to re-licensing, as riders must now be re-assessed annually if they do not fulfill the criteria with regard to the minimum number of rides in the previous year.  Also contributing to the decrease is the fact that riders who now take part in charity races do not have to be licensed”.

Commenting on the medical statistics, Turf Club Senior Medical Officer, Dr. Adrian McGoldrick said that “2013 was a very traumatic year for racing in view of the severe injuries suffered by John Thomas Mc Namara and Jonjo Bright.  On a more positive note the rate of concussion is lower once again. However one rider remains on extended sick leave proving the robustness of the concussion protocol. I am pleased that the protocol in racing set the highest standard currently available.

The injury rate per fall increased significantly over 2012, which was due to the firmer ground which prevailed for much of the year. 42% of the riders who sustained falls in flat racing suffered a recordable injury”.

See attachment below for full list of satistics

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