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Press Release Announcing Temporary Modification to Regulation 8

The Stewards of the Irish National Hunt Steeplechase Committee (INHSC) have today announced a temporary modification to Regulation 8 of the Irish National Hunt Steeplechase Regulations for Point to Point Steeplechases due to the current suspension of the 2021 Spring Season.

This modification is being made to allow horses with a valid Hunters Certificate to run on the racecourse while the 2021 Spring Point to Point Season remains suspended and retain their Hunters Certificate to run in Point to Points unless they win a race.

Whilst the modification is in place, any horse that runs on the racecourse will remain eligible to be registered for a Hunter Certificate to run in Point to Points for the remainder of the Spring season once it recommences, providing that they have not run on the racecourse between 1st November 2020 to 13th January 2021 inclusive or have won a race on the racecourse after 29th February 2020.

All Point to Point Handlers will be contacted directly about this modified regulation and its full implications on relevant horses in their care.

Commenting on the modification of Regulation 8, Paul Murtagh, Registrar of the INHSC said “Following consultation with various stakeholders since the suspension of the current Spring Season on 13th January, the Stewards of the INHSC have agreed to this temporary regulation change. Any horse which runs on the racetrack must be returned in training with a Licensed Trainer, so we see this change as a minor amendment that will assist a small number of horses, not a solution to the suspension of Point to Point season. The Stewards, like everybody else, are fully cognisant of the national situation. We are liaising closely with Horse Racing Ireland, and together we will ensure that the strongest possible case is put forward for the resumption of Point to Points. The fact that we ran 37 fixtures very successfully in the Autumn season, with strict adherence to all protocols, puts us in a strong position to be included in the initial easing of the current restrictions that may take place, and this is what we are aiming towards. I want to assure everyone that the Stewards of the INHSC and the IHRB Point to Point team are working hard behind the scenes and are fully committed to adapting to the needs of the industry so that the season is salvaged as best we can once we are permitted to resume. We are considering all options and avenues available to us and are ruling nothing in or out at this stage. As soon as we have any further information, we will issue an update”

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