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Point to Point Season 2011/12

INHS Committee Announces Changes for Point to Point Season

The Stewards of the INHS Committee today 3rd August announced that it will introduce changes in certain areas for the 2011/12 Point to Point season.

The main changes are as follows;-

1. Qualification Date for Hunter Certificates
The qualification date for eligibility to compete in Point to Points will be extended by one month to 1st September.  There will be a further qualification date on 1st November, introduced to allow horses compete on the racecourse until 31st October.  This category will only be eligible to compete in Point to Points during the Spring season.

2. Riders Allowance
An allowance of 5lbs for riders who have not ridden more than twenty winners combined on the Racecourse or in Point to Points will be introduced for this coming season and the allowance will take into account details of wins in Point to Points since 1st September, 2005, and all wins on the racecourse.  A list of riders entitled to claim the allowance will be available from the Officials and the Clerk of the Scales at each Point to Point. 

3. Open Races
 The restriction of six wins in a season in all Open Races will be discontinued.

4. Mares Allowance
A 5lbs mares sex allowance will be introduced next season. This allowance will be reflected on the horse’s weight on the official racecard.

5. Cameras as an aid to the Judge
The Stewards are currently in discussion with the camera operators and it is envisaged that a suitable camera will be in operation at the majority of venues for next season.

6. Race Distances
Races run over the 2½ mile distance for 5yo and upwards will be discontinued.  However races run over this distance will remain for 4yo during the spring season.

7. Fences
It will be a requirement to have a double wing or an extended running rail at the first fence at all venues.

8. Regulatory Matters / Enquiries
There will be an I.N.H.S. Committee representative present at all enquiries involving regulatory matters.

9. Handlers Fees
A fee of €50 will be introduced to register all Handlers and a minimum age requirement of eighteen years of age will apply.

10. Starter
The Starter will have the assistance of a Turf Club Official to ensure that riders comply with the Starters instruction.

11. Starting Times
The Regulation for starting times will be amended to allow for a greater degree of flexibility in this area, particularly during the winter months. 

12. Judges Podium
The Judges Podium will in future be positioned not less than seven metres back from the finishing line to help the judge in determining the placings and official distances.

In announcing the changes William Flood, Senior Steward of the I.N.H.S. Committee said:-

“The Stewards met with the various representative bodies involved in point to points over recent weeks. Numerous recommendations in relation to improvements were presented and where appropriate these were taken on board. On behalf of the INHS Committee I would like to thank the Handlers, Riders, Representatives of the Point to Point Associations, Horse Racing Ireland, the Point to Point Committee, Receivers of Entries and Officials for their inputs into what we believe was a most comprehensive review.”

The new point to point season starts at Limerick (Bruff) on 25th September 2011.

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