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Point to Point Fixtures Regarding Covid-19 Restrictions

The Board of Horse Racing Ireland yesterday announced that horse racing will take place behind closed doors starting at Dundalk today until 29th March. This follows Government advice issued to contain the spread of Covid-19, including an instruction to limit external gatherings to less than 500 people.

Following on from this the IHRB will adhere to the same restrictions on all Point to Point fixtures as imposed on race meetings between Sunday 15th March until 29th March to ensure that less than 500 people are on site at each fixture 


These measures will take immediate effect, with the situation being kept under review.  The restrictions are:


  • Point to Point fixtures will be closed to the public with recommended social distancing measures implemented.
  • Access will be restricted to essential service providers and industry participants.
  • There will be no catering services or on course bookmakers provided.
  • One groom per runner will be admitted to the Point to Point venue.
  • One owner per runner will be admitted to the Point to Point venue.
  • Only Qualified Riders participating on the day will be admitted to the Point to Point venue.  
  • Only handlers, or their representative, with horses running at the fixture will be admitted.
  • All participants will be asked to vacate the Point to Point venue after their horses have run.


Paul Murtagh, Registrar of INHS Committee, said:

“It is important that all Hunt Committees and stakeholders involved in Point to Point racing co-operate and act responsibly in an effort to limit the spread of Covid-19. This is why we are announcing these measures which will come into place for the Point to Point fixtures being held on Sunday 15th March and will continue until 29th March.  All Point to Point fixtures run during this time frame will be a non-public event. Public health is the number one priority and these restrictions will continue to be kept under constant review. The INHS Committee appreciate the assistance of all those involved during this period.”

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