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EQUINE INFLUENZA UPDATE – Tuesday, 26th February 2019


The Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board (IHRB) is today issuing a further update on the measures introduced as a result of the equine influenza outbreak.


The Irish Equine Centre has advised the IHRB that the enhanced vaccination approach remains appropriate in the face of this outbreak.


For these enhanced measures to work effectively Trainers are strongly advised to vaccinate all horses including non-racehorses under their care immediately.


In addition, requirements for runners on the racecourse and at point-to-pointsare as follows:


  • Up to and including 15th March 2019, the current requirement continues – ie. Horses must have received a vaccine containing a Clade 1 representative within 8 weeks of their race.


  • From 16th March, this will be replaced by a standard requirement that all Horses must have been vaccinated on or after the 18th January 2019 with a vaccine representing Clade 1.


  • In accordance with the Rules, horses are not qualified to run if they have received a vaccination within the previous 7 days – 6 clear days must elapse between date of vaccination and date of race (eg. a horse vaccinated on a Friday can run the following Friday).


  • As stated above, Trainers are strongly advised to vaccinate all horses including non-racehorses under their care immediately if they have not already done so. By boosting the herd immunity as a whole as rapidly as possible we minimize the impact of this outbreak.


  • Horses vaccinated with the appropriate vaccination on or after 18th January 2019, will not be required to receive a further emergency booster vaccination.


  • The IHRB will continue to assist with the checking of passports on and off the racecourse.


  • IHRB Veterinary Officers and Assistants will continue to carry out veterinary inspections with increased scrutiny at entrances to racecourse stables on all horses – Trainers and Handlers are advised that if any horse shows any sign of respiratory disease, they will not be allowed to enter racecourse stables or race.


  • Trainers are strongly advised to check their runners close to travel which should include taking their temperature to ensure that they are fit to race.


  • The IHRB will be conducting testing to support this enhance vaccination policy.


Commenting on the updated requirements, IHRB Chief Executive, Denis Egan said that “we have amended our vaccination requirements to give clarity to Trainers with regard to the criteria that must be met for the coming months. Today’s announcement also confirms that any horse vaccinated on or after 18thJanuary 2019 with the correct vaccination will not need to be revaccinated with another emergency booster vaccination”. Denis Egan thanked the Trainers for their response and noted the very high levels of compliance with the enhanced requirements on the racecourse.


For further information, please contact:

Denis Egan, Chief Executive

Phone: +353 45445600                                                                                 


Date: 26thFebruary 2019



Editor’s Note:



  1. Trainers and handlers who have concerns or questions in relation to equine influenza should contact,

Dr. Lynn Hillyer, Chief Veterinary Officer IHRBon+353 87 1925 366 and/or the IEC on +353 (0)45 866266 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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