Protecting the Integrity & Reputation of Irish Horseracing

Mission Statement

Our Vision

To be the best Regulatory Body worldwide, the Regulator that sets the standard.

Our Mission

Excellence in independent regulation for Irish horseracing

Our Values

Integrity: To always do the right thing to uphold the I.H.R.B’s reputation for fairness, and to maintain the trust of our stakeholders never compromising on what is right.

Accountability: To take personal responsibility for our actions and strive to improve the health of Irish racing.

Transparency: To be open and honest about what we do, treating everyone fairly and with respect.

Approachability / Responsive: To stay in-tune with the sport’s diverse stakeholders so that we can effectively meet agreed objectives and goals.

Trustworthiness: To promote a forward-thinking and collaborative culture while respecting the strong heritage of Irish racing as a sport and an industry.

Welfare: To prioritise the welfare of our horses and our people.

Our Culture

  • To be fearless, always acting in the greater interests of racing
  • To be willing to listen.

Strategic Objectives

  • To create an environment in which it works with the industry and via strong regulation as necessary to ensure that Irish racing is free from the misuse and/or abuse of drugs.
  • To protect the reputation of Irish racing by ensuring we provide world class integrity services.
  • To provide the best training possible for all those engaged in providing integrity services (continuous professional development).
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