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IHRB Messaging Service

IHRB Messaging Service

The Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board recently upgraded our messaging service to be delivered through the Komeer App.

This messaging service provides Level 1 subscribers with going updates from all racecourses in Ireland on the day of entries, declarations and race day. It also delivers notifications and outcomes of track inspections, postponements and cancellations. Going forward, the Komeer service will also deliver updates directly from the IHRB Clerk of the Courses, important traffic information and other relevant notices or reminders on behalf of the IHRB.

To start receiving messages please download the Komeer App from the links below.

GooglePlay AppStore

For assistance on setting up the app, watch our easy to follow guide here:

Setup Guide for Android
Setup Guide for iOS


  • Level 1: Free trial period until 01 February 2020 – Messages delivered regarding daily going updates, notification and results of track inspections, postponements, cancellations and other relevant information.
    When installing the app, search for Group ‘IHRB Level 1’ and subscribe to that group.
    (Please note - standard charges will apply from 01 February 2020)

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