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Tramore 17th October 2019

The Stewards authorised the following substitutions of riders at this meeting:

A.W. Short replaced C. Brassil on Cozziemodo, trained by P.J. Costello (Race 2)(unwell)

295A M'dn H'dle

The Stewards ordered the withdrawal of Wilcos Storm, trained by Eugene M. O'Sullivan, for failing to lodge the passport in accordance with the provisions of Rule 90 (i).

295B WIT Students Day H'cap H'dle

The Stewards enquired from A. McCurtin, rider of Miss Tulpar, who fell on the flat in this race. The rider reported that his charge stumbled independently for no apparent reason causing her to fall. Having considered the report and viewed a recording of the race, the Stewards took no further action.

The Stewards received a report from the Clerk of the Scales, Mr. William Fleming, regarding the failure of C.P. McNamara, rider of Athloman Cottage, placed sixth, to weigh in after this race. Evidence was heard from Mr. Fleming and from the rider concerned, who accepted that this was the case. Having considered the evidence, the Stewards disqualified Athloman Cottage from sixth place under the provisions of Rule 230. Furthermore, the Stewards were satisfied that C.P. McNamara was in breach of Rule 227 and having taken his previous record in this regard into account, they suspended him for 2 racedays and ordered that he forfeit his riding fee.

295D Tramore Racecourse Instagram H'cap H'dle

The Stewards fined J.R. Barry, trainer, €350 for lodging a passport in respect of Thats Mypresenting, in which the vaccinations did not conform with the provisions of Rule 91. The Stewards ordered the withdrawal of Thats Mypresenting in accordance with the provisions of Rule 90.

295E Christmas Parties Tramore Novice S'chase

The Stewards enquired into possible interference in the closing stages involving Mohart, ridden by P.T. Enright, placed second and Ask Heather, ridden by L. Quinlan, placed first, where it appeared Mohart ran short of room close to the line. Evidence was heard from the riders concerned. Having viewed the recording of the race and considered the evidence, the Stewards made no alteration to the Judge's placings. They were, however, of the opinion that L. Quinlan was in breach of Rule 214 in that he had ridden carelessly. Having taken his previous record in this regard into account, the Stewards suspended L. Quinlan for 1 raceday.

295F Waterford Greenway Beginners S'chase

The Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board Veterinary Officer examined Roney, trained by Paul Nolan, at the request of the Stewards and reported the animal to be post race normal.


The following Raceday Stewards acted on behalf of the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board at this race meeting:
Mr. Emmet Halley (Chairman),
Mr. Victor Connolly,
Mr. Neil McGrath,
Mr. Richard Rohan,
Mr. M.F. O'Donoghue.

Disclaimer: Please note this information is provisional and is subject to amendment until published in the Irish Racing Calendar.

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