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Sligo 8th August 2019

214A Hop House 13 Lager (Mares) M'dn H'dle

The Stewards received a report from the Clerk of the Scales, Mr P.L. Malone, that L. Quinlan, rider of Kilcarry View, placed first, had weighed in at 1.1lb underweight. Evidence was heard from the rider, John Patrick Ryan, trainer of Kilcarry View and the Clerk Of The Scales. P.L. Malone. The Clerk of the Scales stated that L. Quinlan was recorded at weighing out at 154.1 lbs and weighed in at 152.9 lbs which represents an underweight of 1.1 lbs from a base weight of 154 lbs. L. Quinlan, rider, agreed with the figures as given by the Clerk of the Scales and confirmed that he had witnessed the facts on the electronic board. He added that he had not changed any item from the time of weighing out and was satisfied that he had weighed in with the same equipment and was at a loss to explain the difference. John Patrick Ryan, trainer, confirmed that he did not interfere with any equipment from the time of weighing out the rider. Having considered the evidence, the Stewards were satisfied that there was a breach of Rule 231(i) where the rider did not draw the correct weight at which he weighed out and having been allowed 1 lb by the Clerk of the Scales he still was unable to draw the weight. Under the provisions of Rule 231 (i), the Stewards disqualified Kilcarry View with the amended result to now read; First; Volatile Lady, Second; Misty Mountain (USA), Third; Zalika, Fourth; Traidisiun, Fifth; Afternoonwithsusan, Sixth; Cushinstown Finest. Furthermore, the Stewards were unable to determine the cause for the loss of weight and took no action

214D Blind Tiger Bar & Restaurant M'dn H'dle

The Stewards ordered the withdrawal of Shesakeeper, trained by Ms Michelle Duggan, for failing to lodge the passport in accordance with the provisions of Rule 90 (i).

R.P. Treacy, rider of Pass Cross trained by L.Young, reported to the Clerk of Scales that his mount never travelled in the last mile of this race.

214F Rockshore Cider H'cap H'dle

The Stewards enquired into possible interference from the final hurdle involving Decor Irlandais (FR), ridden by C.J. Orr, placed second, Mon Storm, ridden by D.J. O'Keeffe, placed first and Pump Road, ridden by D.R. Fox, placed third, where it appeared that Pump Road ran short of room when in a challenging position. Evidence was heard from the riders concerned. Having viewed the recording of the race and considered the evidence, the Stewards made no alteration to the Judges placings and took no further action.

214G ISF EBF (M) (Pro-Am) INH Flat Race

The Stewards interviewed Mr K.M. Smith, rider of It Takes Time, concerning his use of the whip in the latter stages of this race. Evidence was heard from the rider concerned. Having viewed a recording of the race and considered the evidence the Stewards were of the opinion that Mr K.M. Smith was in breach of R10(3)(g) by using his whip with excessive frequency. Having taken his previous record into consideration, the Stewards suspended Mr K.M. Smith for 3 racedays. The Stewards also found Mr K.M. Smith in breach of Rule 213 for failing to report at first instance that his mount was hanging in this race, a reason that he put forward during the enquiry into his use of the whip. The Stewards cautioned Mr K.M. Smith on this occasion.

Mr K.M. Smith, rider of It Takes Time, trained by Matthew J. Smith, reported at a Stewards' enquiry that his mount was hanging on the approach to the straight.


The following Raceday Stewards acted on behalf of the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board at this race meeting:

Mr. Anthony Ryan (Chairman),

Mr. Derek Pugh,

Mr. George McCourt,

Mr. Michael Moloney,

Mr. P.D. Matthews.

Disclaimer: Please note this information is provisional and is subject to amendment until published in the Irish Racing Calendar.

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