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Navan 1st June 2019

The Stewards fined the following trainer in respect of their non-runner:-

J. S. Bolger, trainer of Eleganter (Off Feed) - €200

133C Navan Lock And Key M'dn

The Stewards fined A.P.O'Brien, trainer, €65, as Kangaroo Valley (USA) entered the parade ring with equipment which hadn't been declared.

The Stewards interviewed M.C. Hussey, rider of Macquarie, concerning his use of the whip in the latter stages of this race. Evidence was heard from the rider concerned. Having viewed a recording of the race and considered the evidence the Stewards found the rider in breach of Reg.10.3(g)(frequency) and having taken his record into account cautioned him.

R.P. Whelan, rider of Karakhan trained by M.Halford, reported to the Clerk of the Scales that his mount hung left up the straight.

133G M'dn

The Stewards fined Philip M. Byrne, trainer, €350 for lodging a passport in respect of Striggers Luck, in which the vaccinations did not conform with the provisions of Rule 91. The Stewards ordered the withdrawal of Striggers Luck in accordance with the provisions of Rule 90.

K.J. Manning, rider of Son Of Beauty, trained by J. S. Bolger, reported to the Clerk of the Scales that his mount ran too free.

C. O'Donoghue, rider of Clockers Corner trained by John M. Oxx, reported to the Clerk of Scales that his mount was very keen and leaning in during the early stages of this race.


The following Raceday Stewards acted on behalf of the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board at this race meeting:

Mr. Justice Tony Hunt (Chairman)
Capt. S.H. Walford
Mr. Brian Polly
Mrs. T.K. Cooper
Mr. P.D. Matthews

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